According must endure. Those with the strongest genes, who

According to “The Genotype/Phenotype Distinction”, an article
from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, genotype is defined as “some
relevant part of the DNA passed to the organism by its parents”. Meanwhile, the phenotype is described as “the
physical and behavioral traits of the organism”, such as height, weight, or
patterns of behaviors. In other words, the concept of phenotype can
be characterized as the combination of environment and its genotype.
Considering the interaction between genotype and phenotype, we can withdraw
some questions about how they interact with each other and furthermore, how
they are connected with environmental factors.

Theoretically, the
environment can have a large effect on the genotype and phenotype of a specific
organism or population. Via Natural Selection, only specific genes will survive
depending on the changing of environment and what that population or organism
must endure. Those with the strongest genes, who are able to pass on their
genetic material in the form of offspring, will survive. So, in theory, a
specific genotype, whether expressed in the phenotype or not, that was once
present in a specific environment may become dominant or obsolete depending on
its evolutionary importance and whether Natural Selection favors it. 

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As for phenotype, the environment can cause an organism to
use its phenotype to better protect itself. For example, in Mullerian mimicry,
one species mimics that of another (usually two harmful ones) to prevent both
from being eaten/falling to predators. In this case, the environment has
allowed the animal/insect to use its phenotype (physical features) to protect
itself and adapt where as in another environment, its colors could cause it to
seriously fall victim to predators. 

If you need more information for the phenotype connection
with the environment, please email or Instant message me. If you want a direct
correlation for all three, you merely need to say that Natural Selection from a
specific environment (while describing as I did above) causes a specific
genotype to become favored. As the genotypes of an environment change, we can
naturally assume so will the phenotype.


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