According health benefits, maternity leave, disability protection, etc. Added

According to a survey report from a reputed agency, vocationally skilled blue-collared job-profiles are currently offered equal or fatter pay cheques than many Engineers & Management Graduates. Even amid this era of rising automation, the demand for skilled workers remains at an all-time high across various sectors in the country.

That’s the reason why US-based social networking service, LinkedIn has announced its collaboration with IL Skills Development Corporation Limited to upskill, train and encourage blue-collar working class in India.

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Firstly, who are blue-collared employees?

“Blue-Collar employees are defined as workers, who mostly perform labour jobs which include a great deal of physical work and the skills necessary for this working-class activity vary by occupation. Some blue-collar professions also need highly-skilled, trained & certified personnel.”

Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, janitors, security guards, Data-entry ones, Home maids, drivers, industrial labour, etc. can be considered as examples for blue-collar.

However, majority of blue-collar employers hire unskilled labour for performing basic tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and assembly line work. It’s roughly estimated that 85%-90% of Indian workforce falls under the blue-collar group or the informal job sector which makes a total of approx. 500 million people.

The blue-collar workforce is basically classified into two categories:

1)    Traditional household work-based sector

2)    Modern informal sector

Secondly, why aren’t blue-collared jobs recognised long back?

In recent times, several key players in the Indian industrial arena are desperate for an organised unit for blue-collar employees to raise their productivity and working standards. They’ve understood the worth of informal job sector and several job portals exclusively developed for blue-collar workforce are gradually creeping out to cash-in the need.

There are several reasons on why blue-collared sector was not identified long back in our country. Here’re a few.

1)    No Existent Legislation Until 2008

Until the Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act 2008 was officially passed in the Indian Parliament, the majority of blue-collar workforce didn’t experience any monetary benefits like health benefits, maternity leave, disability protection, etc. Added to that is the low economic status and lack of dignity of labour, which made them quite invisible in the society.

2)    Massive Numbers, But Limited Resources

As mentioned earlier, blue-collar constitutes more than 85% of the Indian workforce. So, the total number is massive & incomparable to the formal sector. Yet, there are very limited agencies and job-portals focusing solely on the informal sector, which makes the blue-collar man force immensely struggle for work.

3)    Lack Of Proper Job Structure

Many blue-collar workers get tensed about their job-security as they’re mostly hired on a contract basis. With lack of proper job structure & no legal assurances, they instantly become jobless once their job-at-hand is completed.

4)    Not Only Quantity, There Is No Quality As Well

With no proper platform or job-portals to cater the requirements of blue-collar workforce, there is no criterion or access for job seekers to measure the quality of employment in terms of work involved, salary, working period, etc.

Past is gone and today the situation is different.

Set to become a game-changer in the Indian online-recruitment space, was recently flagged-off as a home ground to entry-level and blue-collar jobs for all job-seekers across industry verticals, experience count and geographic locations.

Equipped with a cutting-edge technology for both web version & mobile App, effectively showcases relevant job-profiles to employers & consultants, and displays related jobs across minor hierarchies to all those job-seekers out there.

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