According education. There is a saying: “education is power

to a website that called I found that there are five causes of
gender inequality. First one, culture and tradition. Culture can be defined as
the way of life of a particular society or ethic group, and tradition is the
custom or belief of a society. To be honest, these two words are one of the
reason that make the women regarded as nothing in some countries. Second one,
religion in the world of today, some people have developed bias attitude toward
religion because they found that a lot of religions group are causing damage of
persons instead of making it better place. Third one, lack of empowerment.
Females are regarded as nothing in some countries because are no women
empowered. Knowing the importance of empowerment where more attention will be
paid in empowering most female gender will curb the issue of female gender
inequality. Fourth one, mentality. Each person has a different way of thinking,
and some people have a very old thinking. These who have an old mentalities one
is the key causes of the less respect given to women in some societies. The
last one, lack of proper education. There is a saying: “education is power to
success”. Based on this topic lack of proper education is the cause of gender
in equality as nobody can go far in this modern world without good education. 

to other website that called I found there are three main
causes of gender inequality. First one, mail child factor. There are a lot of
families prefer to have a male child rather than female child. Second one,
economic dependency. Women are depend on the sympathy of men, an they have no
right to earn money for their livelihood. The third and last one, forced
marriage. In some countries the women cannot say a name of man that she want to
be his wife, and if she does she will be killed in the name of honor killing. 

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What I learned: 

learned that each country has a different causes of gender inequality, and it
depends on the society itself. There are many causes of gender inequality but I
think that the main reason of it is the culture and 


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