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According to the Death with Dignity Laws, people who have a terminal illness are dying even if they do not want to die, and the patients “are facing an imminent death and want the option to avoid unbearable suffering and loss of autonomy in their final days.” The Death with Dignity Laws allow qualified patients (death within 6 months/ terminally ill patients) to voluntarily request medication from their physician to hasten their death. Physician assisted suicide is when the doctor provides the information to a patient suffering from an incurable disease and the patient performs the act of painlessly killing themselves (it is different from euthanasia, where the doctor performs the intervention). In only six states: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California, and Colorado, assisted suicide is legal. If a patient wants to end their life because they are suffering from a terminally ill disease, but their state does not allow it, then they have to either live until a sudden death, or move to an unknown state to choose how they want to die. Physicians should be able to prescribe secobarbital (medication for assisted suicide) if the patient wants to have control of their own life and choose when to die. People who are diagnosed with a terminal illness have to get long term treatment and are restricted to living life to its’ fullest. According to an article written by Dan Brock, Director of the University Program in Ethics and Health at the Harvard Medical School, “One last good consequence of legalizing assisted suicide is that.. it is often more humane to end life quickly and peacefully.” People who can choose when to die are lucky, considering the fact that they can choose when to die and who to be with (family). Instead of life controlling them, they will not let death surprise them at any moment, and can die however they want without feeling discomfort. Northwestern University standpoint is that doctors have a job, and that their job requires them to “relieve pain and suffering and to promote the dignity of dying patients in their care.” Physicians work to help cure people and if they are not allowed to help a person who is suffering, then what is the point of their job?  Aside from physicians, medicine was created to “cure or to reduce the suffering of people afflicted with diseases that were once fatal or painful” (Santa Clara University). It is the doctor’s job to prescribe a certain medication that helps put the patient out of misery. If the patient request to die because they are going through too much suffering, then the physician has the


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