According Baker, W, 2009). Particularly, the feedback giver can

According to Montgomery and Baker (2007),
global matters in written feedback involve comments on ideas, content, and
organization. The global issue should concentrate on not only the learners’
concrete and sophisticated ideas, a clear objective for writing but also the
suitable use of transitions and good paragraphing. On the contrary, local
matters are focused on concerns of mechanics, grammar, and vocabulary. Feedback
on vocabulary should concentrate on the use of a wide difference of vocabulary.
Furthermore, feedbacks on grammar and mechanics have to concentrate their
attention on complicated grammar accuracy, punctuation, spelling, and

In terms of providing feedback or reviewing
writing, Gieve (1998) and Thompson (2002) defined as the skill of being capable
to critically assess writing as the ability to give effective feedback after
looking at a classmate’s writing, especially on a global aspect. In general, it
is a highly essential skill for the quality of writing and academic success.
Through peer feedback, students not only enable to get more feedback on their
essay but also practice with several significant skills in the development of
language and writing skill ( Lundstrom, K., & Baker, W, 2009). Particularly,
the feedback giver can create meaningful interaction with peers, a greater
expression of ideas, and new perspectives on the writing process.

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Moreover, improving critical evaluation
experiences makes learners better writers and self-feedback givers and may also
help learners effectively examine texts and recognize logical gaps, problems
with organization, and other errors that lessen the argument of the essay on a
global level (Beach, 1989; Ferris, 2003; Thompson, 2002). However, Nelson, G.
L., & Murphy, J. M. (1993)and Zhang, S. (1995) shown that there is an elemental
concern in providing feedback research, it is students’ ability for providing
feedback on writing paper, such as essays and articles of their peer. In L2
writing context, it is more especially prominent because second language
students may be at differing stages of L2 development. As a result, their
abilities to give accurate, informative and valuable feedback on L2 writing are

Besides, according to Berg (199a), as the
almost previous study on peer feedback in L2 writing explored, there is a
relatively similar group of learners in terms of language proficiency,
excepting for a few exceptions. Nonetheless, those working have not examined
how the global and local aspect of viewers’ feedback relate to their English
writing proficiency. The present research attempts to fill the study gap by
conducting a study of the relationship between FFL students’ self-reported
English writing proficiency relate to their feedback in terms of global and local


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