Academic of my academic writing. Without academic writing skills,

Academic writing is an enjoyable activity for me.

Academic writing raises academic achievement.

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I feel frustrated if I
have to do a task that requires academic writing.

Academic writing should be taught to students.

I feel happy while doing a piece of academic writing.

I feel that my academic writing is not
as good as my other skills.

Academic writing is an easy task for me.

Academic writing enriches understanding of concepts.

Writing academic papers is more entertaining than reading academic

Academic writing decreases
creative thinking.

I feel confident that I can write academic papers without
constant help.

Academic writing is important.

Academic writing improves critical thinking.

I feel anxious to start a project because
it involves academic writing.

I feel proud when I see the end result of my academic writing.

Without academic writing skills, students would not
succeed in their studies.

Academic writing improves other English language skills.

Academic writing is a
gift that cannot be learned.

I find it interesting to participate in academic writing

I prefer academic writing to non-academic writing.

Academic writing can help me to develop my ideas.

Academic writing is a
waste of time.


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