Abstract: were spent every year in France only in


With the increasing urban population, corporate
offices, malls there is a subsequent increase in traffic congestion. It is
always a challenging task to work on the smart parking. Thanks to the evolving technologies,
parking facilities have been advanced. The existing works on smart parking are
not transparent. Many advanced solutions on multiple issues regarding the
parking problems have been proposed, while some are being implemented. To provide
a clear overview on the proposed advancements and the progress regarding the smart
parking, we provide literature over the past and present advancements and summarize
the existing techniques and throw wide open our insights regarding the
efficiency of the technologies in use. Our paper provides an all-inclusive insight
into the smart parking besides throwing wide open future research opportunities
in the smart parking domain.

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 On average, 30 percent of traffic is caused by
drivers wandering around for parking spaces 3. In 2006, a study in France
revealed an estimation that 70 million hours were spent every year in France
only in searching for parking which resulted in the loss of 700 million Euros
annually 4. In 2011, a global parking survey by IBM 5 stated that 20
minutes are spent on average in searching for a coveted spot. With these
statistics, we can predict that a great portion of global pollution and fuel
waste is related to cruising for parking 6.



Smart parking:

In the ever
running hectic schedule people are finding it frustrating to waste their
essential time searching for free parking lots. So if drivers can have
real-time parking availability information, they will be able plan accordingly and
stop cruising their vehicles all around the parking areas in vain. So there is
a need to assuage the search time, reduce pollution caused due to emission of
greenhouse gases by the vehicles and reduce fuel consumption through efficient
parking system.


The solution
lies in smart parking system. It helps to Share the information prior through
technology and alleviate the traffic congestion. Once the traffic is free
flowing it also contributes to the increase in traffic mobility easing the
process for the transportation facilities.





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