ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the temperature control of

paper focuses on the temperature control of the equipment that  are sensitive to temperature over a particular
limit. When the temperature increases over a certain limit that cannot be
tolerated by the equipment in that environment. In such situations, this
temperature control system allows interaction  between the equipment and the temperature
maintaining devices like fan and air conditioners to set the temperature
required by the system. This interaction  between  devices is done by ZigBee sensor and
microcontroller and to detect the presence of human we use PIR sensor. This
system helps to reduce energy consumption and avoids malfunctioning of the
system. Keywords:
PIR Sensor(Passive Infrared Sensor), ZigBee Sensor, microcontrollerINTRODUCTION:The temperature
control alert system is like programmed thermometer, that checks the
temperature of certain environment. The advantage of temperature detection is
any changes in temperature that causes damage of equipment can be found and
malfunctioning of the instrument can be saved. At Homes:  Some places at home are set to certain
temperature ie., it is neither too hot nor too cool. So that the person can
lead a comfortable life. At Industries:
Many instruments are stored in places where the temperature is set to certain
degrees, if change in the temperature may result in wastage of capital invested
in production.Automatic
control of temperature is certified to be the best methodology because it
doesn’t require man interaction with the device that is being affected and it
rescues the instruments from malfunctioning. 
The main objective of the proposed model
is to control the room temperature, which is suitable for instruments in that
particular room. If the temperature of the room goes beyond the threshold
value, it alerts the user. If the user is unavailable, it automatically set the
room temperature to the required level. 1.     Microcontroller:
Microcontroller allows to control the external devices. It allows the
programmer to give input and produce the required output.2.     Heat Sensor:
The heat sensor is used to detect the changes in the temperature.3.     PIR Sensor
(Passive Infrared sensor): The PIR Sensor is used to detect the movements of
humans and animals.4.     ZigBee Protocol:
The ZigBee protocol is used for wireless communication between the devices. It
is used to monitor the temperature in short region. 5.     Alert system:
It gives alert, when the temperature reaches its threshold value.  AC Section: 



CPU Section:   
yyy       WORKING MODEL:
The proposed model to control temperature using fan speed or air conditioner, is
represented in the below diagram.                 FIG: Working model for AC
controlling systemIf the
temperature of the personal computer goes beyond the threshold value, it alerts
the user. If the user is unavailable, it automatically set the room temperature
to the required level. ADVANTAGE:1.     The
merit of the proposed system is that, the manual calculation reduces.2.     Analysing
and processing is done.3.     Two
way communication between devices.4.     Reduces
the wastage of energy usage and malfunctioning of the device. RELATED  SURVEY:On proposing a literature
survey on the related works the following research is carried out:In paper1, The
paper brings optimized and performance based algorithm for automatic control
system. It is used in clinical treatment such as hyperthermia.In paper4, The
temperature monitoring of computer server room is performed. Due to the
increase in the temperature if the performance of the server decreases, it
sends an alert message to the administrator.In paper5,
This paper deals with real time application of controlling the temperature and
setting its value back to the threshold using Arduino. This experiment also
helps to control the speed of the fan for the disabled people.In paper6, The
main objective of this paper is, it develops a wireless sensor for monitoring
the temperature. In case of any emergency situations, the developed wireless
network using ZigBee helps to save lives of human.In paper7,
This papers motive is to overcome issues in WSN by concepts like Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning. So that the system will be able to manage
itself. In paper13,
The main aim of the paper focuses on reduction of manual calculation of
temperature and making it automatic. This automatic temperature remains  constant 
for a long and this constant value is noted for further calculation.In paper14,
This paper discuss the methodologies of saving energy. The major part of  the 
paper  deals with saving energy
mechanism  depending on the intensity of
the light. It also provides solution for changing the temperature of the  room based on the  heat in the environment.In paper15,
The paper deals with controlling humidity and temperature using two fuzzy logic
controller. The first controller detect the temperature and sets it to the
moderate value, while the other controller calculates  the humidity in percentage. Thus it is used
in the optimization of  fuzzy logic
systems in automation.  CONCLUSION:  As
temperature increases, performance of device suffers. So, cooling of these
chips in a processor or equipment is necessary. When the performance of the
system decreases, the temperature control system should alert the user or any
cooling agent to reduce the temperature to the required limit. REFERENCES:1 Jessi E.
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