Abstract many behavior problems” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 7).


  In this essay I will be reflecting on my
thoughts and how the book describes if a teacher makes a difference and what is
classified as good teaching. The book states, “researchers concluded that the quality of the teacher-student
relationship in kindergarten (in terms of level of conflict with the child, the
child’s dependency on the teacher, and the teacher’s affection for the child)
predicted a number of academic and behavioral outcomes through the eighth
grade, particularly for students with many behavior problems” (Hoy, A.W., 2016,
p 7). When a teacher wants to help and provide the necessary needs for them
to learn, they tend to be more successful and less troublesome later in school.
If a child has a poor teacher then problems tend to arise. “Good teaching is not confined to classrooms” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 8).
“Danielson’s Framework has four domains
of responsibility: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment,
Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. Each domain is further divided
into 22 components” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 10). These domains explain what a
teacher should do to constitute good teaching. Therefore, if you are a teacher
that is making a difference then you are most likely considered to have good
teaching skills. My thoughts on good teaching and how teachers make a
difference are discussed throughout the essay.

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teacher relationships predicted positive student engagement at every-grade, but
the relationships were especially strong for students who were at risk
academically and for older students. So, evidence is mounting for a strong
association between the quality of teacher-child relationships and school
performance” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 7). As a teacher you can impact the lives
of students in and out of the classroom. In school I had several teachers who
really cared about every student in the class and wanted to get to know them
not only on an educational level but personally as well. I felt this teacher
made a huge difference on every student because they were encouraging to every student
but especially to those who needed help and attention they were not receiving
from other teachers in school and at home. Students with a bad home life really
need to have a positive role model in their life to be successful in and out of

There are multiple actions teachers
take to make a difference other than getting to know the students on a personal
level and being an encouraging role model outside of school. When a teacher is
patient with every student including those with learning disabilities and
behavioral issues they tend to motivate them making learn more important to
them. This is because they are being noticed for what they can do rather than
being ignored and feel like they are in the way.

As a teacher, you start noticing
more students participating like those who have learning disabilities,
behavioral issues, shy, etc. you realize you are getting the messages and
motivation from every student. If every teacher would put this much time into
every student they encounter they would impact lives and make them better
people in and out of school settings. So yes, I do believe teachers do make a
difference to students but the teacher must be good at not only teaching but
reaching out to students and knowing them on a personal level.

Unfortunately, not all teachers can
be good at teaching but there are many who are. Much like being a teacher who
makes a difference, “good teachers are
committed to their students” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 24). They must be able to
understand what each student struggles with and come up with different
scenarios for them to learn. This may mean that as a teacher your job just
became a little harder because you have different lesson plans for individual
students to assure they are learning, just at a different pace than others. A
good teacher is one who is easily understood and communicates well with not
only students but with other staff and parents. Having a great understanding of
what you’re teaching and being able to send the message clearly to students. When
students understand material easily, they become interested and eager to learn
because their teacher has good teaching skills. “the whole time that these experts are navigating through the academic
material, they also are taking care of the emotional needs of their students,
propping up sagging self-esteem, and encouraging responsibility” (Hoy, A.W., 2016,
p 24).  

As a teacher making a difference
stems from good teaching. These types of teachers are knowledgeable,
understanding, patient, energetic, motivating, and willing to get to know
students on a personal level. These teachers tend to reach out to all students
due to their good teaching skills because “they
adapt instruction and assessment to students’ needs” (Hoy, A.W., 2016, p 24).
When you have teachers, who have good teaching skills that want every student
to succeed and are easily understood they make an impact on students in and out
of school, some being the only role model for a student. 




Hoy, A. W. (2016). Educational
psychology (13th
ed.). Boston: Pearson.


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