Abstract—Development presented as an order. At that time, more



Abstract—Development of the internet has increased the
popularity of online shopping. Online shopping has become the third most
popular internet activity, following email using/instant messaging and web
browsing. The rapid diffusion of computer and information technologies
throughout the business and consumer communities has resulted in dramatic
changes.1 The application of the internet for purchasing behavior
is a notable change in the way buyers and sellers interact. According to the
data gathered by Interbank Card Center, the e-commerce volume increased.

College bazaar is an online 
web-application which lets you post images & a video of the study
materials with contact information and short description about material of  which you want to sell and the buyer who is
interested to buy materials can directly contact to the seller. In this project
there are a lot of categories ranging from books to aprons so whatever you are
offering or want related to study materials are there. So, categories are well
organized. It will help you avoid the hassles of shipping and stuff and you can
easily buy or sell the materials in a meeting.

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I.      Introduction (Heading 1)

E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an
accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are
implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial
transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping
on the web is becoming commonplace. The objective of this project is to develop
a general purpose e-commerce store where any used stationery product in the
college (such as resource books, files, printout sheets, double or single side
sheets, notebooks, pens) can be bought from the comfort of home through the
Internet. An online store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers
can browse the catalogue and select products of interest. The selected items
may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the
shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information
will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked
to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and
payment information such as credit card number. An e-mail notification is sent
to the customer as soon as the order is placed.

II.    Ease of Use

Saving Time

This project is made to bridge the gap
between the buyer and seller to meet very quickly by showing the result closest
to the seller’s location. This avoids the unwanted time of sending through
delivery by making buyer and seller contact each other by themselves. One of
the main features of the project is that any buyer can go the college-wise
result filter and get the result of the search within the respective student’s
college. We ensure that only relevant information in such cases is shared
between the respective person to avoid any misuse of the service.

Saving Money

As we have started building this project,
so budget constraints will be challenging task. This project is designed by
considering the reuse of useful resources. Every year new edition of same books
came into the market with additional cost and only few changes. So, instead of
using money in those types of book, anyone can buy the same book from us added
that they will save good money to buy something more useful.

III.   Main Text

E-classified websites have taken the
world very ahead with its advancement. Taking all the positives from this, we
will find a better solution specifically in the field of education. As, the
education is one of the necessary part of our life that needs to be handled
perfectly. So, we are making an e-classified website specifically for the
educational help. Here, all the stuffs related to education is put in a single
platform. The existing platform is very complex to find the specified results.
We need to add many search options with some of side filters. After doing all
this, we are not sure to get the result as expected. The platform that we are
building is capable of doing all these searches. We make sure, that the
resource being searched is properly displayed, thereby avoiding any
inconvenience. There are many technologies used in this project for development
which is given below.

Technology Used

1. HTML5

HTML5 is
the latest and most enhanced version of HTML. Technically, HTML is not a
programming language, but rather a mark up language. With the updation of HTML
to HTML5 it has many features included but one of the feature which is widely
accepted is cross browser compatibility.


2. CSS3

Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and
formatting of a document written in a markup language. When we build any
product it needs to look very attractive. For this job cascading stylesheet is


3. JavaScript

JavaScript is
a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It adds the dynamic nature to
the website. All things happening in real time with any website uses
javascript. The extent of its use depends on the requirements of the website.
There are many types of framework developed in javascript just to provide
better and faster access for development. It is complimentary to and integrated
with Java. JavaScript is very easy to implement because it is integrated with
HTML. It is open and cross-platform.


4. Bootstrap

is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Bootstrap is
modular and consists of a series of Less stylesheets that implement the various
components of the toolkit. These stylesheets are generally compiled into a
bundle and included in web pages, but individual components can be included or
removed. Bootstrap provides a number of configuration variables that control
things such as color and padding of various components

supports responsive web design. This means the layout of web pages adjusts
dynamically, taking into account the characteristics of the device used
(desktop, tablet, mobile phone).Starting with version 3.0, Bootstrap adopted a
mobile-first design philosophy, emphasizing responsive design by default

provides a set of stylesheets that provide basic style definitions for all key
HTML components. These provide a uniform, modern appearance for formatting text,
tables and form elements.In addition to the regular HTML elements, Bootstrap
contains other commonly used interface elements. The components are implemented
as CSS classes, which must be applied to certain HTML elements in a page.

5. PHP

PHP is a popular and widely used programming language which is utilized
to build dynamic web applications with MySQL database connections. For a
programming language to be successful, it must be comfortable and widely
accepted by a large number of web developers. PHP is outfitted with many open
sources integrated development environments, moreover making it

PHP offers a plenty of benefits that will surely deliver your limits of
developing something outstanding. Not only is it open-source but also feature-rich
and has all the functionality that a proprietary or paid scripting language
would offer. PHP is easy to install and set-up. It is the prominent reason of
why PHP is the best language to learn. In the software industry, there are many
IT companies were looking for PHP developers. There are various benefits of
using PHP which attracts people towards it. In this way, let us discuss the
most important reasons to utilize PHP in web development.

6. MySQL

is the most popular Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System.
MySQL is one of the best RDBMS being used for developing various web-based
software applications. It allows us to easily write the query and execute it
with a simple go.


commerce or e-commerce provides participants, including consumers and
merchants, with a number of benefits, such as convenience and time savings.
E-commerce transactions can be categorized into business to business (B2B),
business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer (C2C), and public/private
sectors to government.

Security Requirements of E-Payment

A.    Information confidentiality

All information
during the transactions has the request of being kept confidential. For
instance, account number and user name may be embezzled by others who have
access to them; business opportunity may be lost if order and payment
information of your customer’s are obtained by competitors. Thus, encryption is
required in the E-C information transmission.

B.    Data integrity

E-C should
provide medium to identify data integration, ensuring the Web data do not be
altered in transmission.

C.    Authentication of participants

The parts
involved may have never met each other. So to make the transaction successful,
the first step is to identify the two parts, which is the essential prerequisite
of transactions.

D.    Non-repudiation

The transaction must have
such services that enable one party to prevent another party denying having
taken a particular action, e.g. sending order/payment information, confirmation
of order/payment. Both consumer and merchant also require this service.


IV.   Student Opinion

We had
discussions with our class members regarding e-commerce. We asked them whether
they prefer e-commerce or traditional walk and shop method. 15% said they don’t
prefer e-commerce, 5% said they really can’t judge, 70% prefer e-commerce and
30% prefer walk and shop method.4

experiment shows that students are very much interested about the E-commerce.
They think it is very useful for the unused materials to sell or buy. The web based
environment will help them to put their unused items on our website and wastage
of resources will be prevented.



The Internet has become a major resource in
modern business, thus e-classifieds has gained significance not only from the
entrepreneur’s but also from the customer’s point of view. As per a survey, a
lot of the stationery we buy in college goes unused after the end of a term.
Our website helps curb the unwanted wastage of resources like reference books,
notebooks, textbooks, files, writing sheets. We have designed the project to
provide the user with easy navigation, retrieval of data and necessary feedback
as much as possible. This project is aimed at helping students acquire study
materials easily and at a low cost.



1     IEEE paper on E-Commerce Security
Issues, Mohamad Ibrahim Ladan Computer Science Department, Haigazian University,
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2     IEEE
paper on Autonomous Online Education System based on Intelligent
Recommendation, QingsongTu Hubei University of Tecnology Wuhan, China.

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