Abstract any sign of them, it`s not convincing that


the development of technology and the input of the space exploration, human know
more and more about the earth, the solar system, the Milky way system and the
universe (Hinchey, Sterritt, &Rouff, 2009). At the same time, people are
more curious about the existence of aliens. Do they exist? How`s they look
like? Where are they? However, no one can really
give the convincing answer. But we can have more possibility to believe which
one is more convincing if we compare what we have found. And in this paper, to
judge whether the aliens exist or not, I research many papers and read the argument from some famous scientists,
and then I show three different supporting point of the both sides. And
finally, after the three comparisons, I think we have more possibility to
believe that the aliens do not exist. And I hope people who have the same ideas
as I do can provide more convincing evidence to support me and I do welcome the
convincing evidence of the opposite point.

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world is advancing. The society is going ahead. The technology is developing.
The space exploration is increasing. Human have more understanding about the
earth, the solar system, the Milky way system and the universe. In this
process, human begin to be curious about the existence of the aliens. Is there
any other life in the space? Do the aliens look like human being? Are the
aliens kind and polite to us or impolite and aggressive? So many questions
about aliens come to us at the same time, however, no one can give a certain
answer and convince all the people in the world. Whereas, comparing the
supporting details of the both sides that aliens do exist and aliens do not
exist, we can know which one is more convincing. Aliens do not exist because
human never found any sign of them, it`s not convincing that the strange
phenomenon is created by aliens and human haven`t found any comfortable planet
like earth yet.


may exist because some scientists believe it and spend money searching them and
contacting them. Some astronomers like Frank Drake trust the existence of
aliens and keep searching the the signals aliens send. Frank Drake put forward
the famous equation, the Drake equation, and he predicted that aliens do exist (Hetesi
& Regály, 2006). The astronomers use the space telescope to observe the
space and use some equipment to collect the radio signal from the outsides of
earth to analyze whether the signal is valuable. All we have to do is to search
them and find them out. If the space telescope can take a picture of aliens,
how can we say aliens do not exist. All we need to do is spend more money in
the improvement of the space telescope and use it to observe more planet in the
deeper galaxy. Contact by radio wave seems to be the only way we can do now
(Moore, 2013). And if the astronomers catch the signal sent by aliens, we can
prove the existence of the aliens. To judge a signal whether is valuable and
sent by aliens is not difficult. Distinguish from other noise signal, regular
signals could bring some information (Stromberg, Hassner & Schwiegelshohn,
2000). And continue the previous, if the signal is not sent by us human being,
it could be sent by the aliens. Take me as an example, I will not open the door
when strong wind hitting the door. On the contrary, I will open the door when
my roommates knocking it. Because the previous one is the irregular noise and
the later one is the regular sound. And according to this, we can conclude that
aliens do exist. However, from we first start to observe the space and collect
and analyze the signal till today, we have never gained any valuable
information about the trace of aliens, our search for the existence of aliens
is still zero (Tipler, 1981; Aldiss, 2001). Some scientists like Frank Tipler
think the aliens do not exist and keeping searching them is a waste of time of
money (Tipler, 1981). Because more sophisticated equipment need more money to
research and develop, spending so much money in to developing the equipment to
search aliens is valueless. Hart (1975) agreed that we have never found any
direct evidence of the exist of aliens, and with high possibility, we could be
the only intelligent creature of our galaxy. Combined with the famous Fermi
Paradox, if aliens exist, where are they and what Hart talked, Wesson (1990)
shows that even the universe is vast, it still necessary to explain why there is
no evidence to prove the exist of aliens. Besides, the Drake equation I mention
before is just used to predict the exist of aliens by Frank Drake, only
prediction is not enough to convince people. So although the suppose of the
existence of aliens is beautiful and the work of searching aliens is still
continuing, based on the fact of no direct evidence of the existence of aliens,
we have more possibility to conclude that aliens do not exist.


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