A to buy.The aim of plain cigarette packaging proposed

A research paper elaborated upon the Indian scenario of Demarketing of Injurious consumption, it is not defined as such in any book because there are various perceptions of different people regarding the term. Yet an attempt on the definition is “The consumption of any toxic substance including chemical, plant or animal derivative, drug which is taken in overdose and alcohol or tobacco or products of it, whose consumption causes damage of tissues or having adverse effects on human body is called injurious consumption.” Alcohol and tobacco have been a cause for many problems arising in the youth and the abusers and it is seen to be more in the developing countries rather than that in the developed ones.  Government of India has also started working on the reduction of consumption, also the non-governmental organisations have put in their efforts in this direction.Demarketing has been a great strategy to reduce the use of tobacco and other injurious consumption products. It has mainly been through policies, by tax hikes, safeguarding illegal production, discouraging drinking and tobacco control laws.  A lot has to do with the advertising of such products which give loopholes Awareness, Prevention, protection and Prosecution can be considered as the tools of demarketing. It is the only strategy to decrease the consumption and focus should be on the health education of people rather than the control. NGO’s such as HRIDAY and SHA also play an important role in demarketing. Media has adverse effect on the consumption as it encourages consumption by incorporating glamour and celebrities, directly or indirectly.  In France, there was a study conducted amongst the young people to study impact of tobacco plain packaging vs the branded packing, this was studied in terms of customer behaviour and perceptions. In marketing one of the most important part is Packaging as it conveys brand identity (logos, trademarks, colours and pictures) and attracts people to buy.The aim of plain cigarette packaging proposed by the WHO is to destroy this marketing effect of the tobacco pack and motivate people to quit smoking. In response people rated the packs itself instead of cigarettes calling it less attractive or less trendy, less value for money.The Marketing aspect of Tobacco packages: The marketer’s influence the behaviour of the smokers by adding a tag to the packs ad light, mild, ultra-light; so as to make them think that it is less irritant to their body. Also, some of the packs are made stylish to go with the persons look. Effect of demarketing by usage of plain packs: Plain packs were seen as less attractive and less trendy, and it induced quitting motivation in many people. Other observations: Colour impacts buyer’s behaviour, mostly white and brown is perceived to be apt for the cigarette packs. Brown being the optimal colour used in the plain packs as it is disliked and associated with dirt.The smokers were evaluated on the basis of several factors like the Packaging Vs Gender, age, smoking status, warning, brand name, intention to buy ,etc.


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