A spoon in her mouth as her father was

A woman should not have to compromise her needs for a harmonious marriage life but instead, the husband should cater to all of the wife’s needs. Regardless of what it is. This is what sane wives idealize but realistically many women do not achieve such relationship; however, they should all strive for this life, along with men. Like this woman.    The woman was born not with a silver, or gold but a diamond spoon in her mouth as her father was the wealthiest baron in Britain and her mother belonged to royalty. The woman was married off to a well reputable and wealthy baron who was capable of satisfying the woman with all of her desires. The woman and the baron were compatible as the baron catered to all of his wife’s requests and the woman provided the man with more property and her beauty; however, this happiness was momentary and the closed entrance of her hell was opening its doors. As the woman’s father passed away and her beauty faded with time, the woman was treated solely as a housewife who tended the house by the baron and was scorned for her shortcomings which were embraced in the beginning of the marriage. And, when the woman’s infertility was discovered, the woman received greater criticism from her husband and her in-laws. Her life was dictated by society’s inevitable responsibilities of a wife and her chances of reviving her life diminished until she made her trip to the marketplace. The woman went off on her expedition to the marketplace in the morning and finished her conquest at pitch darkness with bags of exotic delicacies from South America. And on her way back, she tripped on a stone and ruptured her tendon; the pain expanded and worsened in her foot, preventing her from walking any further. Coincidentally, the young knight of King Arthur happened to ride his horse on the same path where he noticed the aged woman sitting on the ground. He slid off of the horse’s back and said, “Woman, why are you sitting on this dirt path? Can I be of any service to you?” “Sir, my foot is in pain and I can no longer go on my way with this foot,” said the woman. “If you allow me, I would like to offer you a ride to your destination,” said the knight tenderly. As the woman was lifted onto the knight’s horse, the woman felt the comfort of the knight’s countenance. The knight’s genuine compassion was initially incomprehensible, but the woman quickly embraced the unfamiliar feeling; the woman gave her whole heart to the young man. The woman and the knight spent the entire ride talking about their lives and could not seem to easily part once they arrived at the woman’s house. The woman knew that adultery could not be justified by the scriptures of the Bible and the laws of Britain; however, she concluded that she would rather live with her grave sin than to live with a pained heart, longing for the knight, so the woman confessed her love. The woman took off following her audacious confession, leaving the knight without hearing his response. The knight who had been charmed by her aged and refined features from his first glimpse was overjoyed and was unable to contain his joy as he galloped to his estate. As days pass, the woman’s guilt for committing such sin became unbearable. The woman made daily trips to the church and began self- flagellation to cleanse herself from such sin. However, her desire for the knight kept growing. The knight was also haunted by his guilt for coveting a married woman and conflicting with the codes of chivalry. Just as the woman, the desire for the woman vanquished his depravity.  After thirty days pass, the knight came to her estate and asked for the lady of the house to the woman’s maid. The woman came for the knight after she had checked the consciousness of her husband, leaving with the knight to the endless field of corn where they would remain invisible as they spent the entire night manifesting their love for each other. The knight made occasional visits to the woman in the beginning but indeed began to see the woman every day. I tell you these two loved each other as if there was no tomorrow. I bet you that the production of the corn drastically decreased because of them. The woman and the knight spent next thirty passionate nights together. On the thirtieth day, the baron told the woman of his week-long travel to his acquaintance’s estate and left the woman alone in the house. When the knight had come to the corn fields, the woman eagerly invited the knight inside the house and spent the night to their heart’s content. And, as the knight and the woman were committing their greatest love affair, the baron was declined by the ship men because of the harsh waves. He went back to his estate immediately and witnessed the affair in front of his eyes. The knight rushed out of the estate as the baron remained motionless in front of the woman. The woman rose and said, “I have an affair with a young man who I love. Alas, I cannot live without the man or I will be certainly the same as the living dead. Thus, as a payment for my service in this marriage, let me go and let me live my remaining days in happiness.” The baron replied, “I have done all of my duties as your husband. I have given you what you wanted throughout these years; I have given you affection and bought everything you wanted. What does that man possess that I do not? The woman said, ” Your possessions cannot be compared to any other man in Britain. You are the richest baron and, as your wife, I have lived with no concerns and had everything a woman wanted. But, you lacked love and the man offers me genuine love, which you do not possess. You have given attention, but it never satisfied me. You married me because of my wealth and my beauty. You have never loved me as the person I am. Why do you not let me go? My father gave you your share of his land as his son-in-law and you have stolen my youth.” The baron said, ” Wife, please come to your senses and retrieve your sanity; stop creating such pretenses and end this immorality. Have you not read the passages in the bible about the relationship between a husband and wife? Use the teachings of Apostle Paul, repent for the forgiveness of your sins to God, and return to me. If you are unable to your relationship with this man, I will find him myself and have him condemned and executed.” The woman gave her last cry: ” Even if I am apart from that man, I will continue to love and wait for the man; therefore, husband, do not expect anything from me. If you do anything to the man on your own accord, I will not merely watch.” The woman and the baron actively attended church and repented for all of their sins. Despite the absence of love, the woman and baron sustained their faithfulness and virtue with the support of the Bible and lived according to the teachings of people of great faith. However, the woman continued to long for the knight and waited for his return. The woman cried every night in the cornfields, longing for the knight’s presence. After the three hundred days, the knight snatched the woman who was roaming the marketplace and found a secluded area where they would remain invisible. They eagerly embraced each other as they cried tears of joy. The woman and the knight realized that living was not possible without each other and that they had to end this separation at all costs. The woman cried, ” I could not live a single day properly after you had left. I have greatly aged from the sorrow you have left me. I spent all of those days longing for you, waiting for you, so I beg you, my knight, take me away and let us live the rest of our lives together. Let us end this agony.” The knight said, ” I too was unable to resist your embrace. Let us not dread the presence of the baron and, my love, let us live in happiness to our heart’s content. I can give up all of the adventures of a knight; I will ask for the king’s pardon and he will grant me this request considering all of my accomplishments and nobility. We could live off of my property, but it won’t last for long. Thus, I conclude that we kill the baron and live on the estate for the rest of our lives. The baron’s possessions should suffice for our survival. Dearest, what do you believe is best for our future?” The woman replied, “How can I possibly kill my husband? I will not be forgiven for such grave sin and I do not have enough confidence to do such act.”The knight replied, ” Then, do you have enough confidence to live without me? Can you live tied down to that old coot? I have the conviction that I am only alive when I am with you so now make your decision.”The woman cried, ” I do not have the confidence to live another day without you! I will kill him and will bear the weight of this sin. I will kill him tomorrow!”The woman paused and asked, “What am I supposed to do?” The knight and the woman plotted the baron’s murder and return to the baron that evening. As the woman prepared dinner for her husband, the woman ground 300 apple seeds to create a fatal dosage of cyanide and mixed the seeds in the baron’s soup. Before she sat the baron for his final meal, she had her final conversation with her husband. The woman said, ” I was glad that my father had arranged my marriage with you. When I first heard this news, I was happy to marry a man of great status and reputation. I was proud to declare you as my husband in front of my friends who were married off to less notable men.” The baron replied, “Such unfamiliar words to hear from you. I was also fortunate enough to marry the most refined daughter of the greatest renown baron in Britain. I was able to gain much more wealth and acknowledgment by being your husband.” The woman stood and placed all of the baron’s dishes in front of him and waited for him to eat the soup. The baron devoured the soup and rose excruciatingly but immediately dropped onto the floor. The woman checked his pulse to confirm his death and apologized to the lifeless body, “I am sorry; I will beg for your forgiveness once we meet again in the afterlife. I am sincerely grateful for everything you have given me when you were alive.” The woman quickly brought out the knight who was hidden in the corridor and helped the baron carry the dead body to the shed in the cornfield. In the shed, the knight dismembered the baron into small piece and threw the Baron’s body parts over the empty cornfield where it decomposed. After the woman and knight executed their crime, the woman coerced her maids to reside in an isolated house three hundred miles from the estate.    After 90 days, the cornfield was replete with plentiful corn stalks covering the field.  The woman and the knight picked off all of the corn and noted the sweetness of the corn, prompting them to distribute the corn to their neighbors and their former maids. As the sweet corn became the topic of the town, nobody remembered the baron, and the woman and the knight lived happily ever after.    Despite the hardships of committing the perfect murder, the woman ultimately escaped from her misery and achieved happiness. I hope that the story of “the woman” will inspire more wives and husbands to take courage to overcome hardships to achieve this perfect relationship.


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