A in childcare playgrounds and classroom or at home

A research paradigm is a belief system or theory that
establishes a set of practices. Guba (1990), states research paradigms can be characterised
in groups – ontology, epistemology and methodology. It can be grouped into two main
categories – Positivism (Quantitative research) and Post Positivism
(Qualitative research). The study by Bowes et al. (2009) is positivist as it
explores children adjusting from childcare to primary school. The research was conducted
through direct observation of each child’s environment, children were located mainly
in childcare playgrounds and classroom or at home in their rooms and backyards.
Thus, the evidence of children behaviours was provided by carers, parents and teachers.
Additionally, the study conducted was quantitative data which is in a numerical
form, which can be put into categories. The data can be used to construct
graphs and tables of all the numbers and figures composed. Therefore, all the information
for the research was collected and divided into groups or exposed in graphs and














Data for the research was collected over 3 years
by a variety of procedures including telephone interviews, surveys, teacher’s observation
during day care and preschools. Telephone interviews were conducted with each child’s
parent. Telephone interviews were approximately 40 minutes carried out annually
via the Australia institute of family studies and ACNeilsen asking questions
about their child care arrangements and details about their family focusing on
the child’s nurture including development, wellbeing and child’s goals for the future.
The rates to telephone interviews ranged between 51-57 percent. The information
collected provided facts on the child, family and infant care predictor sued in
the last analyses. Additionally, parents completed a mail-back questionnaire in
wave 1. However, the data collected was very low and limited. Therefore, the
approach for gathering information on each child was asked from wave 2 and
onwards during the telephone interview. 

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