A I worked with Farseer Limited, a business firm

A memorable courtroom visit has fortified my decision to become a lawyer. Initially, I was confronted with puzzledness about the legal jargon but left intrigued with the legal process that was just witnessed. The experience gave a slight glimpse of the legal framework in action, and the complexity within the system that coexists, which made me even more determined to gain more insight into the study of law. In the face of increasing inequality in this world, I decided to take up a more active role in addressing issues regarding it. I long to become a competent lawyer and to use my legal knowledge to assist and foster new understandings and appreciation for the differences and similarities with marginalized communities alike. I aspire to fight for social equality and hope to continue to empower and lead minority communities to strive towards legal and social equality. Law to many, might seem to be an abstract idea, however I am determined to turn it into tangible products and to influence and to make a real difference in other people’s lives in a fair and equitable way so that social justice could be achieved.Over the summer, I worked with Farseer Limited, a business firm in Hong Kong. The working environment is challenging yet rewarding. As an intern, I had to vigorously take notes at press conferences and to have constructive input during important meetings. It was an eye-opening experience as I have come to the realisation that work ethic and soft skills are crucial. The overall experience had changed my perspective on things as I start to look around my surroundings with a critical eye and an open mind. My extra-curricular activities includes playing fencing, where it greatly improved my mental agility, alertness and endurance in the face of adversity. I have represented Hong Kong to compete in nationwide competitions, in which I had learnt to think strategically, and to anticipate any insurmountable problems that might arise during a competition, a skill that most lawyers need when representing their clients in a case. Being the deputy head of school, I have learnt to discharge my duties accordingly. I have developed my public speaking skills and to engage effectively with an audience, as well as mastering the art of leading and managing my time wisely. My ambition is to become a meticulous and a diligent lawyer, who can show evident legal knowledge in order to effectively aid the clients who are in need. I am highly motivated to take on this new challenge, and to manifest these qualities that I will acquire during my time at university and apply and contribute to the society after my degree.


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