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A year can actually do a lot to a man. With its rough edges and smooth trails it shows you its  never the same throughout.Even though each day was a new start my habits didn’t cared much for it. The rushful life actually steered my thoughts from my existence as a human being.Much for work with less for life, but indeed there were a few handful of moments which i really cherished too.But to the end it really showed me what actually matters in the life are the things for which you never found time for.Thoughts of regrets, failures,mistakes and ego was so big that it did blind me from the big view behind it. But in the end the learning i had from these is something of immeasurable value. Between the busy life ,we tend to ignore somethings which we thought to have a less value in the hectic schedule.Whether its a missed call from your loved ones, a Hi from a close friend or a gesture of kindness to a random stranger. But never have i ever thought that i will be having a moment of recall.I never had time for anything until to this point where i think how i used to live my life. As the trailblazed events of this year is coming to an end im really thankful for each person who has crossed my paths, who has been with me through the hard times, with whom i had cherished my moments of happiness, who have showed me the values of  relationships, who have shown me a path in the chaos, who have thought me  valuable lessons, who have put me through hard times because nevertheless even the hardships you had will teach you something good from the bad.Wealth merely defines a person but being rich at heart does . Take some time to appreciate the small things in life.  Be kind and do good because you won’t know how much happiness you can bring to someone by doing a random gesture of kindness. In the end all it matters is being a human because you don’t know when your time ticks out.Hoping for the best in the coming year and wishing you the same.Happy New Year. God bless


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