A death because of a crime they’ve committed due

A liberal is a person who believes
in the power of the government to achieve equal opportunity and equality for
all. I too believe that the government should be responsible in making sure
there are no United States citizens who are in need.  One particular issue that made me choose to be
a liberal would be their position on the death penalty. Their position
encourages the abolishment of the death penalty. I have had a family member
wrongly convicted of a crime and it shows that every execution risks the
killing of an innocent person. I am proud to be a liberal and proud to support
their beliefs.

Growing up, my parents had
different beliefs, my mother was a conservative and my father a liberal.

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Therefore, I had heard both an extensive amount of information about both
political standpoints. When my father discussed his beliefs, he did it with a
passion. His passion included helping people and to also having the government
help people. My father is an immigrant to this country and growing up, he was
deprived the same education opportunities as whites. This however, did not stop
him from getting a college degree and educating others on the liberal
standpoint of affirmative action. My father has made me forever grateful for
educating me on liberalism.

and conservatives have complete opposite views when it comes to dealing with
crime. Conservatives believe that people commit crimes because they don’t have
the fear of getting caught or that the punishment is worth the risk. Liberals
on the other hand, believe that crime is based on psychological or
social/cultural issues. I do not believe in make the punishments more severe by
encouraging the death penalty. More than half of jail inmates have mental
health issues. Putting someone to death because of a crime they’ve committed
due to something they can’t control is absurd. 
Overall, I believe liberals stand for the well being of American


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