According to Bradley and Mott (2013), results of the
study they evaluated suggested that patients preferred the bedside handoff process
over the nursing station report handoff method. The main changes that were
found by patients included the process of handoff at the bedside allowing patients
to have the ability to know who will be caring for
them as well as feeling included in conversations related to their care. Additionally, a study completed by
Scheidenhelm & Reitz (2017) indicated
that staff described an increase in the amount of patient involvement in their
care because of the change to handoff report at the bedside. Again, it is
evident that bedside shift report improves patient and family satisfaction. By
viewing the exchange of medical information between nurses, anxiety that the
patient and family may be feeling has been reported to decrease (Bruton,
Norton, Smyth, Ward, & Day, 2016). This process also increases their trust in the nurse’s competence as a
care provider. 


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