Radiation for cancer treatment is a positive thing because it based on a machine called the linear accelerator that uses X-ray photon to cure cancer. Radiation uses X-ray photon because it has a very high percentage of energy which is enough to separate molecules which then damages living cells. When an X-ray hits a substance some X=rays are taken in but some just pass through, Usually the higher the energy there is the fewer X-rays are taken in(absorbed). Cancer is the problem radiation is supposed to fix. Cancer starts to grow when just one regular cell in your body starts to multiply uncontrollably. These cells that grow uncontrollably create masses of tissue that form tumors. The linear accelerator(radiation machine)  uses microwave technology(microwaves with shorter wavelengths) to accelerate electrons which are called waveguides. These waveguides let electrons to connect with an object of heavy metal(high density) When the electrons and heavy metal object connects X-ray photons with high energy is produced. Before the LINAC(linear accelerator) was invented the only the surgeons could do to cure cancer was to try and cut out the tumor which didn’t always work. Radiation is obviously advanced technology but it is still advancing. Some scientists have invented something similar to the linear accelerator except it uses something called image-guided radiotherapy which lets the place of the tumor to be found so that doctors are hitting to cancer cells instead of healthy cells, and fewer side effects of the radiation. There are many side effects of radiotherapy weather it is during surgery or because of the radiation itself, but many people think it is worth risking since cancer is so deadly. That is why radiotherapy exists. It helps cure cancer. Radiotherapy has saved millions of lives from cancer and still will in the future especially with the technology still advancing.Without radiotherapy there would be a major change in the earth’s population since cancer is in one of the top ten leading causes of deaths.


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