UK was ranked by global terrorism index of 2017 as the 35th country with the highest amount of terrorism attacks. There is an International counterterrorism agency in United Kingdom called Counter Terrorism Command. They are the first responsible faces in the situation of terroristic attack. They are allowed to act with an authorization. This authorization usually comes from a crisis response committee held in special conference rooms within Whitehall. These committees are held by Prime Minister and known as COBRA. The home secretary, Amber Rudd “Since 2015 alone we have increased counter-terrorism spending by 30% and pledged more than £500m in increased funding for the counter-terrorism budget, to protect the UK from the ongoing threat posed by terrorism.”UK Counter-terrorism police disrupted 22 plots since the murder of Lee Rigby in May 2013, and nine since the Westminster attack in March this year. They are currently running well over 500 live operations.There were 400 arrests for terrorism-related offences in the year ending 30 September, an increase of 54% compared with the previous year. Increasing terror campaigns in Britain held by Irish Fenian in 1880s led to first counter-terrorism action. The special Irish Branch consisting of detectives was established by Sir William Harcourt in London. United Kingdom established The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)  which supports counter-terrorism actions of a country. UK is a founder member of UN and takes a seat in UN Security Council. Every year, UK funds Security Council’s actions “UN counter terrorism structures must be fit for purpose. That is why the United Kingdom supports an ambitious review of the UN global counter terrorism strategy this year.” Says Matthew Rycroft, official representative of UK in UN. United Kingdom supports UN decisions about counter-terrorism strategies and actions.Regional cooperation. If the states are likely to be in a better correlation, this problem can be easily solved.Structured and settled standards for measures of counter-terrorism which must include cultural heritages as well.Review UN counter-terrorism committee about international counter-terrorism acts and use of defense forces by a certain country.To make a safe world, every country is responsible for it. Therefore, Legality of counter-terrorism in other countries as well can lead to the solution of this issue.


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