it is rhythmic and characterised by way of
alternating and retropulsive motion of decrease extremities.

It encompass two levels:

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1.         Stance

2.         Swing


Stance section:

on this phase the foot stays in contact
with the floor whole time. It comprises about 60% of the gait cycle. it’s far
further divided into five tiers.

1.         Heel
Strike: It starts offevolved whilst the heel of the reference foot touches the
ground and it keeps until the foot is in touch with floor.

2.         Foot
Flat: that is the second degree of stance segment. The body weight is shifted
at the reference foot and body COG is on the pinnacle of reference foot. it is
also referred to as as loading phase.

3.         Mid
stance: It involves the balancing of frame weigh on reference foot.

four.    Terminal
stance: This degree begins as soon as the reference heel rises above the floor
while the toes are nevertheless in contact with the floor

5.         Toe
off: additionally called pre swing in which references foot rises and swings in


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