Some religious leaders brought the Great Awakening into light from the American history and George Whitefield was one of them (Whitefield, 2013). He was well known by about 80 percent of all American colonists. Even though only twenty-five years of age, he took America by storm congregating more than 23000 people to listen to his teachings. He was the first who formed a Methodist society bringing into the picture evangelical awakenings such as preaching in fields, holding conferences and publishing magazines.

Through The Great Awakening saw the rise of American Protestantism that had the spiritual message that God worked directly with people and not through institutions or churches. It was the first experience connecting the American colonies that gave way to a deeper sense of consciousness of sin among them and encouraged them of the second coming of Christ. With the shared communitarian spirit that awoke among the colonists who experienced the awakening, making self- sacrifices became a calling from their faith. This made them able to make sacrifices even when their land called for it. A stronger and deeper sense of meaning, existence and value was born from his teachings. Unity, empathy, sympathy and care were among the qualities experienced from Whitefield’s teachings. The Great Awakening gave hope to the second coming of Christ, helping people live with the anticipation of so. This Awakening brought together more colonies than any other method used previously. Most importantly, the Christian’s religious experience was presented as the main object of focus instead of the church itself.  

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