The slammer
worm is one of the earliest discovered malware in the computer world that
infected over 90% of the vulnerable computers within ten minutes and hence
causing severe disruption to nearly all the sectors of the society. The unique
attribute of the malware is its speed to spread within the vulnerable computers
and thus making it a dangerous work in the computer history. The attack
mechanism of the worm is by using random scanning to select an IP address
randomly and infecting the vulnerable computers at a breakneck speed. The worm
then spreads exponentially and replicates by bandwidth consumption hence
causing site-specific variation within the system. Despite the worm not having
a malicious payload, it affected the system by overloading its networks and
consequently causing the servers to fail therefore resulting in complete
failure in the computer system. Slammer worm takes advantage of the host by
exploiting a buffer-overflow vulnerability in the computers that are installed
with internet running on Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000 or the
Microsoft’s SQL Server.

    Slammer worm is a speed worm, and hence it
spreads to other networks by the scanning technique and exploits the payload
since it has a limited bandwidth, which enables it to affect a vulnerable
computer which in turn transmits the packets. However, due to its speed, the
worm was stopped by automating worm defense hence making it effective in
reducing the variability of the computers. Additionally, the technique of
human-mediated filtering is useful in reducing the scan traffic and thus
stopping the propagation of the worm to other systems, but the ultimate defense
is to develop techniques and updated tools to help ensure they respond
automatically to the treat.  

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