Now, before we begin on how to
grill a steak, we must know how to select a succulent steak. Beef cuts with
marbled fat throughout the meat will cook better over direct high heat. Prime
and choice grades will give you a better value for flavor and quality. Tender
steaks come from the center (rib and loin sections) and are best cooked
grilled. Premier tender steaks include top loin (strip), T-Bone, Porterhouse,
ribeye, rib and tenderloin. These are the cuts I prefer when I grill. If you
pay for a good cut of beef, you want to taste the meat. Try to stay away from
marinades or rubs. I recommend freshly ground pepper and kosher or sea salt.

the fun part, Searing! The most popular method is the way most of us are
familiar with. I cook the steak directly over a fire (charcoal or gas) on a hot
grill grate that is 4 to 6 inches above the flame. This the method you want to
use to sear the surface and cook through the steak. I normally grill steaks on
my gas grill because it is easier to set up and clean up afterwards. To set up
a gas grill for direct grilling, simply heat it to the desired temperature,
which is usually medium-high heat (450-500 degrees Fahrenheit). Make it easier
to control the heat by setting up two to three areas on the grill for high,
medium and low heat. On a charcoal grill, rake the hot coals into a bed that’s
three to four inches thick on one side and one to two inches thick on the
other. Use the higher-heat area to sear your steak. Closing the grill lid traps
heat an smoke, which speeds up the cooking process and infuses the steak with a
smoky flavor. I recommend you close the lids when direct grilling.

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