5. norms. Despite what some believe, women don’t choose

5. Reproductive Justice

Republicans have attempted to defund Planned
Parenthood in an effort to control the reproductive rights of women. As a
result, there have been mixed reactions– feelings of hostility and support
towards the organization. While some have chosen to enact deadly attacks

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on the company, others stand in solidarity with it. Many people don’t
realize that abortions are a small percentage of what Planned Parenthood does.
They also perform breast exams, give STD/STI/HIV tests, prescribe birth
control, etc. It shouldn’t be anyone’s decision except for the woman it affects
to make a choice regarding her body. Laws need to protect the rights of women
to have freedom over their bodies in the way that men have control over theirs.


6. Advertisements

Mainstream media constantly bombards us with
images for products and services. Most of these are targeted at women
encouraging us to better ourselves or pick at our flaws. Generally, we see
thin, white women and are taught that this is what the ideal body looks like.
Other ads depict violence towards women that can be overlooked due to the
subtle nature. Often, we blame women for developing eating disorders and low
self-esteem, but they’re just victims of social norms. Despite what some
believe, women don’t choose to have low self-esteem. They don’t choose to have
eating disorders. Advertisements in our culture are based on patriarchal views
that diminish and objectify women.


7. Meninism

In order to combat feminism,
“meninism” sparked up. This belief degrades feminists and fights for
men’s equality… because that makes sense? First, it’s important to understand
that feminism is the belief that men and women should be equal. It isn’t
about getting women ahead of men; it’s making sure that everyone has equal
opportunities. Meninism stands for the liberation of men. Last time I checked,
our culture follows patriarchal ideals which in turn, means that men are
already ahead. What’s even worse is the women who support meninism claiming
that we already have equal rights and no longer need feminism. Basically,
meninism is actually the worst.


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