5- abreast of changes related to the system. 3-Start

5- Choose a
Training Delivery Format that Works: Popular ERP training delivery formats that
work well are: Web-based virtual training, Computer-based training, Video
courses, Self-study books.

Training Won’t Do It: ERP assessments are a nonstop process that should not end
with the implementation of the ERP. Training must initiate alongside the
product planning phase  and Employees
must be trained at regular intervals to keep abreast of changes related to the

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3-Start Early:
Vendors desire the train-the-trainer approach where the project group is
trained, and these trained members pass down their training to the enterprise.
So what need to be measured with this approach is relying on just a some of
people who are sharing in to all the training information could curse disaster
for the organization should they agree to resign.

2 -Align
Training with Change Management: happened with a resistance by employees.
Failure to navigate this resistance can lead to failure. Align your training
with change management can : helps employees overcome reluctance toward
accepting the system.

1-Plan a budget:
the training budget must be widely planned during the pre-implementation phase
and have to take internal and external training into concern, budgets must take
into concern: Type of training ,number of employees to be trained, resources
needed for training and timelines for training programs.

The top system
in the world is impractical if your employees do not know how to operate it. A
lot  of systems fail for lack of training
than any other reason. So looking at ways to do cross-training whenever
potential. Try to document your training whenever possible. This helps in
training to ensures that everyone is getting the same training. implementing
ERP training in an organization needs planning 5 steps which are frequently
missed during the implementation of ERP training:


Training drops
under change management, it’s the most shared method is to “train the
trainers.” Typically the software vendors will train the employees in the
organization and  important part of an
ERP installation and cannot be underplayed. This approach is helpful to end up
with the trained professionals on the staff. A trained workforce that can run
the SAP ERP system is critical; training should be provided for anyone affected
with the software. So who supposed to train must be prepared to train during
the project and after the post go-live date ,this is important because Top
management must be available to address the concerns of employees. They will
have ensure employees understand the everything and involve them in changes of
the .


Treat your employee
communications as an internal advertising campaign. internal employees and
stakeholders should obtain aimed communications that are unique to their
definite desires and drivers.
good communication
plans go well beyond newsletters and emails. to reinforce, repeat,
simplify and target your messaging throughout the course of your project.

There are tips
that can be helpful to the project team an execute an effective ERP communications

communication is important for ERP implement success and almost
always makes successful business practices. When implementing complex software
in an already complex business situation, clear and direct communication
is  necessity. All functions area in
internal organization need to communicated also with stakeholders in outside.
And develop or change the plan and goals need to communicate in real time. The
communication help to gaining commitment and prevent the rumor and for any
change in the company. The communication has ability to establish understand of
the plan and goals in the organization. And helps to share information among
all departments. The communication keep to update the organization about any
change all the time.


operations in
the organization that will help the staff to understand and accept the change
so they will work better and to success the implementation. And the company
must be have proper change management techniques because without it the project
may interrupt. Also can impact in stakeholders group which will influence in
project success. And help the company to increase the capability to manage its
operations globally.


between them. Also when the change management team change the system must
explain for the staff the reasons of change and the goals of the company to improve

The change in
ERP project means the process and organization will change also. Change
management team is important to deal with impact in the organization and the
size of the team must fit the amount of the project and size of the project.
The change management allow to share information between all function area and
departments, and create new


We chose these
factors because we think that are most important for ERP implementation
success. (Education and Change management ,Communication and Training). 


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