Founded on the ideas of liberty and equality, liberalism is
to be free “from unreasonable prejudice in favor of
traditional opinions or established institutions,” and it is to be
“open to the reception of new ideas or proposals for reform,”
according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Liberalism indicates an aspect of
an individual’s character and is not partial to traditional opinions or established
institutions. It focuses on being receptive to new and reforming ideas. While to be liberal is to be free from
narrow prejudice or bigotry, liberalism does have limits of its own as it has
drawn both criticism and support in its history from various ideological
groups. This paper will analyze four limits or criticisms of liberalism: the
objectionable version of individualistic claim, the sacrifice of individual ego, the
unrealistic idea of equality among society, and individual rights sanctioned by
the state.

Diving in deeper, classical
liberalism is a political ideology that embraces individual rights, private
property and a government that exists to protect the liberty of each individual
from others. From an individualistic view, liberalism allows one to think of themselves
as free from such things as our religious commitments, or our commitments as
members of a certain community. It questions these roles and commitments we
each play and makes us think about how these roles and commitments fit in with
other people’s different roles and commitments. It allows us to take a neutral
stance and think about how they fit into a society. However, it questions the
idea that do we really think of ourselves as individuals without any of these

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example, it would be odd for a family to say “let us think of ourselves not as
Father and Mother, or son and daughter but just as bare individuals without these
roles and then take a look at ourselves and see what we think.” Similarly,
taking on various roles and being part of a 


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