One of the major challenges facing public safety in Cleveland, Ohio, is
the shortage of workforce in the police force. In a time where the
responsibilities of law enforcement agencies have expanded, the supply and
demand for officers who possess the requisite levels of qualification is
changing (Brookbank, 2016). This has led to difficulties with regards to
establishing a workforce that adequately represents the community’s
demographics. The challenges facing law enforcement agencies in Cleveland have
been persistent since the recent economic recession that affected the United
States and have proven to become more challenging despite improvements in the
economy (Cappitelli, 2016). Police departments are being asked to take on more
responsibilities in assuring public safety yet the resources at their disposal
have not been increased accordingly.

Attrition is among the
primary causes of the challenges being faced by law enforcement agencies with
regards to maintenance of a suitable workforce level. There are positive
results associated with attrition, as in the case of replacing officers who
have attained their retirement age with young and more energetic ones (Roufa,
2017 ). Additionally, the retrenchment of underperforming police officers is
beneficial to police agencies in their efforts to attain public safety.

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However, if attrition takes place in waves, maybe due to a period in the past
when there was a sudden boom in the recruitment of new officers, then problems

The recruitment of police
officers in Cleveland City is also faced with the challenge of decreasing
levels of physical fitness among the public in the United States. Apparently,
the population has turned to sedentary ways of life, which have resulted in low
fitness levels as well as increased obesity rates. According to an article by
The State of Obesity, the obesity rate in Ohio is the 15th highest in the
United States. At the start of the millennium, the rate of obesity in 


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