I am pleased to write a recommendation for Ms. Rishika Parashar, whom I have known since past 3years as an undergraduate student of Electronics & Communication Engineering at this university.Being the instructor for the courses Computer Organization and Architecture & Microprocessors andMicrocontrollers I got many opportunities to observe her. Her deep understanding of the subjects andquest for knowledge constantly impressed me. Rishika has always exhibited fecundity of mind andconsequently scored an A grade in the semester exams in the subjects. She is the nucleus of classdiscussions, always energetic to bring up vivid points and angles to the topic in hand. She also endorsesthe discussions with cogency and natural ease. Throughout her course of study, she shows great interesttowards practical aided learning techniques and always remained forthcoming in her subject labs andvarious workshops such as Embedded Systems and Multi Touch Augmented Reality which take her ondifferent avenues to meet her interest.Rishika demonstrated deep knowledge of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers through her seminarreport on Embedded Systems with her mini Arduino based projects which include “LED Cube” and”Home Automation” and secured A+ grade in her 7th semester. The depth of her analysis and opennessto feedback means she’s always learning and growing as a learner. I am sure that these qualities will oneday lead her to a breakthrough in the Electronics and Industrial field.Overall, I have witnessed the evolution of her novice and abstract ideas into a more ripe tangible visionover the course of the years. This master’s program will further facilitate this development. I sincerelybelieve Rishika will bring her unique energy, optimism and tireless creativity to your University as awhole. Thus, I extend my whole-hearted support for her admission to the MS program and wish her luckfor future endeavors.


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