Paychex is a nationwide outsourcing services of payroll, human resources and

 Employee benefits. Paychex offer services from small to medium size companies. It was stablish since 1979 by Blasé Thomas Golisano.

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The main type of services Paychex offer is Payroll, according to Paychex they have 4 types of payroll packages: express payroll, Paychex Flex Select, Paychex Flex Pro, and Paychex Enterprise. Payroll handle the hours, the direct despotic the payments for the employees the tax documentation, 24/7 customer services, the hire documentation, also, Paychex can assign an expert in payroll for the company in a specific situation.  All of this depends in what packages the company is enroll. 

            Additionally, Paychex provide Human resource services, Paychex offer a HR training program for those who want to improve they knowledge in the human resources well as Human resource consultation to extrategy  and make success the companies goals for those companies who do not have HR department or personnel.

Finally, for employee benefits Paychex provide services of health insurances, retirement, and financial programs in which the companies can choose the program that best fit their needs. 


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