research is focused more on providing in-depth understanding of specified
phenomena rather than measuring them while 
Quantitative research intents to gather data that can be quantified and
introduced in numerical shapes by applying statistical analysis.

current study aims on examining the relationships between      thus quantitative research is regarded to
be the most appropriate research method

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In probability samples each element of the targeted population has a fixed
probabilistic chance of being included in the sample whereas in non-probability
samples there is not a chance for every element to be included in the sample as
the selection relays on the personal judgment of the researcher (Malhotra & Birks,

Probability samples are considered to be superior to non-probability in
terms of generalizability but non probability is more appropriate for this
study since


Due to the fact that the population of interest in this study involves
thousands of elements and it is impossible in terms of time and financial
resources to collect data from every element, it is of crucial importance to
select a sample



). Due to the quantitative approach of this study, a survey technique
consists of structured questionnaires, considers to be the most appropriate
method. In structured questionnaires fixed-response question are used and the
respondents are asked to select from a predetermined set of responses in order
to ensure that the data obtained are consistent and the coding, analysis and
interpretation of data are relatively simple (Malhotra & Birks, 2009). Another
advantage of this method is that considers to be one of the most cost-effective
and time-saving data collection methods. An electronic survey administrated on
the internet was applied in this study as it is cost efficient and ensures a
high speed of administering the survey, collecting and analysing the data
(Malhotra & Birks, 2009).


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