Every college has its own requirement to
fulfill before accepting a new student in the four years program. I am a
prospective student for the University of Kansas (KU) School of social welfare
program. I am enrolled in Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) in Associate
in Social Work which is a pre requisition before starts my BSW program at KU.   At the
end of this semester, my expectations for the class are to acquire knowledge in
Psychology and to identify different types of methods to measure human belabor
and mental process. In order to acquire knowledge in Psychology, I need to
regularly attend Psychology class, write notes of lectures and study hard at
home and complete homework, quizzes and classwork on time. If I have any
question regarding lessons, chapters or quizzes; I have to email to my
professor Victor or go to the KCKCC library to get help.

 There are different methods in teaching field,
however students have to be very clear about lesson taught in the class and
take notes and revise them after the class. I need your (Victor) help to
achieve my goals. Please teach me in the way that second language students
understand the curriculum. For example, the Second language students have
trouble of understanding American action, and uses of slang language. I
personally encourage my professor to minimize uses of slang words and phrases
in order to make your class lecture in a fruitful for second language students.
My learning is simple to abstract, which is my way of learning process and it is
easy for me to understand the lesson very effectively. I have short term memory
that last couple of weeks or months. Therefore, I have to revise the lesson and
notes every time new lesson start.

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I am a full time
employee at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. I am the head of the
household who provide bread for the family. I don’t have a lot of time to
study, but I have a night and weekend time where I can provide more time to
study for Psychology. Usually I can provide 5-8 hours a week for this subject
to learn and obtain satisfactory result. I am a second language student in your
class. I personally request you to provide me feedback of my progress so that I
can improve my study for the next test, exam or quiz. Your feedback for my
performance will be a great help to achieve my goal and be a successful student
in this course.


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