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is no similar product with this Alarm Pillow from any other brands that have
made an analysis and exploration by Novidade. We trust with destructive
advancement it will support to attract customer attention because it has an
interesting structure and offers a reasonable price. One of our competitor
brands such as Home’s Harmony has never created any innovation such as this
Alarm Pillow. So it is a great opportunity for Novidade to reach our goal of a target
market. By looking at the market, the customer will buy this product because
the innovation of this type of invention has never invented by any other market
and brands. This invention has high and well-explored technology that has been
designing by the well-known brand, Novidade. The features are very interesting
because it has ring-tone to make an alarm to wake us up. Since most buyers in
Malaysia and also the consumer in abroad have their own interest to try any
type of new invention that have involved design and features, Novidade belief
their invention will be well-accepted by their customers.



analysis is a strategic development method used to evaluate the analysis of
Strengths, analysis of Weaknesses, analysis of Opportunities, and Threats
analysis involved in a projector in a business venture. It holds categorizing
the neutral of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and
external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to accomplish that
objective Novidade has made a SWOT analysis for this new product which are:




Company is a very profitable organization. For fine products and services, it
is a global industrial foam cushion technology and has a good reputation. There
have two factories on fore acres of land in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in
Novidade. The company has strong ethical values and an ethical mission
statement as follows, “Providing new”. It has a competitor that is Home’s
Harmony. Its position as a leading global bed producer after decades of unbreakable
work, revolution and strategic asset has accomplished by Home’s Harmony.




As we
don’t have red tape, we are capable to reply very promptly and no requisite for
superior organization consent. Able to provide really good consumer precaution,
as the present minor quantity of effort measures we have sufficient of time to
dedicate to our trades. Our chief advisor has a convincing repute in the
marketplace. We can revolution aim fast if we locate that our marketing
strategy is not effective. We have muted expenses, so we can offer good price
to the clients.





Novidade is new to market, people might not know and aware of the
merchandise and company also. It has small marketplace company or status. Our company has
a little staff, with an insubstantial ability base in lots of areas. To
fundamental operate being sick or leaving then we will be helpless, so we
need to re-arrange our HR department or our company management. Our companies’
cash flow will be defective in the initial times. As a new company we don’t
have enough fund for producing our product and highly marketing at top class
market; it’s a financial weakness for our company. 






Company is very good at taking benefit of chances. Who knows if the market for
Novidade will grow and stay in favor with customers, or whether the additional
category of comparable brands will replace Novidade in the future.






  Trade zone of our company is increasing, with
various upcoming chances for achievement. To inspire local businesses wanted by
local government. To accept new technologies might be slow by our competitors. We have our own brilliant idea and high technology in the new
product development. Novidade has the great prospect to develop its universal





  To change our capability, Progresses
in technology may modification this market outside. A little variation in the
attention of a big opponent might distribute obtainable any promote place we
accomplish. As a result of their analysis, the consultancy may choose to
concentrate in quick reply, to local businesses and local government
facilities by good value. Novidade’s success has
controlled to the marketplace access of many competitors and copycat products
that carriage prospective threats. The currency of the Malaysian
ringgit can be threats also for Novidade. To become the highest conceivable market place attendance for a set
publicity economical for advertising would be in designated local magazines,
and the consultancy should keep up-to-date with revolutions in technology where
its possible.





often slowly in and portend to take away markets from firms. Remind that
competition today is increasingly worldwide in possibility. Competition can
happen at different that it is significant to identify “levels.” At the product
level, two firms compete in providing a very similar product or service. So
that predict potential sales, growth opportunities and market trends, customers
must understand our productiveness. It is vital statistics to appreciate our
competitors is both direct and indirect.

target market for Alarm Pillow does not focus on gender segmentation. This
product Alarm Pillow for their particular purposes both gender of male and
female can use. Alarm Pillow design does not segment on only one gender, it is
suitable both for male and female user.

age group for Alarm Pillow is more attention on the young adults, middle-aged
and mature trades. It is actually intended for the purpose of alarm to wake up
people. Most of the buying decision will be in the adult age group that are the
student and also has his or her own revenue and employed people. Working adults
are able to purchase Alarm Pillow due to its reasonable price. However, teens group,
as students also are capable to get this product. Because of this pillow will
help them to wake up to go to school, colleges, and university with refresh moods.
Working Adults with Family (Men and Women) working adults with a family will be
the suitable target market for Alarm Pillow. For people with family, Alarm
Pillow can be used as their home. In this group, People usually prefer to try a
new product with attractive technology that has provided useful and
high-quality features. This Alarm Pillow can suit their style and preferences
of lifestyle and personality. Alarm Pillow is suitable to be used by people
that lived in a city or urban area. This group of people tends to use high
technology advanced invention in their lifestyle.

invention has the ability to make an alarm by giving a vibration and ring-tone.
Besides that, this invention thought to offer health welfares to the user. Such
The design of Alarm Pillow is unique, eye-catching, exciting, and
fascinating.  Besides that, the quality
of the product is high because of the invention be produced only by
professional with well-researched technology with high-quality materials. For
this using this product is good for health.

  We can sale our product with promotional
strategy like buy 1 and take 50% discount for 2nd piece, for
traditional or cultural promotion like Hari raya, Christmas, chines new year
etc. will be high discount.


efforts to place its merchandise by a difference of their product from its
competitors. This firm will offer a high-quality product that ensures invention
can last long accepted by the customers and reach the target market. We also
used a good sustain to produce where it will go several processes to ensure stability
and quality of Alarm Pillow. Alarm Pillow produced by Novidade can be linked to
its benefit and product function. People to help them get up from sleep use
this invention. Novidade Company has the locating strategy that we realize.




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