Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder (1,2).It is analysed by problems paying attention, excessive activity, which is not same for all age.The symptoms is predominant in people with age less than twelve years and it lasts for some months, and cause problems in their daily life making to perform illogically(3).In children, problems paying attention might result in poor school performance.Particularly in this society, adolescents feel interesting only in their favourite activities and they don’t get easily distracted.
Symptoms of attention deficit disorder range from simple to severe and distrusts with normal living and daily function (4,5).A diagnosis of attention deficit disorder typically requires that symptoms be present by the age of  12 and it occurs almost in all the places where they spend a lot of time .Attention  deficit  disorder  may  persist  into adulthood ,  creating difficulties  in one’s work or society related involvement .While hyperactivity is the leading symptom of ADHD. Attention deficit disorder is also referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(6,7).

ADHD is more common in males than females.External stimuli impacts the ability to concentration or using brain and other study skills(11).ADHD is caused by differences in the brain development .It often ruins the family situations . Symptoms of ADHD differ at one time or another(12).In the diagnosis with ADHD, children have far difficulty with this problems. Teenagers with ADHD also have challenges in most of the areas where they spend their time at school, at home.Its more common in boys than in girls. It’s usually identified during the schooling and when a child begins to have difficulty with hyperactivity and concentration(15,16)

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Adults with ADHD might have problem in managing time, being organised, setting goals, and holding to a occupation.(13,14). They may also have problems with relationships,friendships ,self-esteem, self analysis and addiction.Some of the teenagers suffering with ADHD have difficulties such as memory, emotions, self control etc.Medications are recommended in case of severe cases and sometimes meditation are also giving a great relief to people suffering from this.

They usually find difficult to manage their time and schedule. They were unable to find a pathway to establish their talents. They are easily distracted, doesn’t follow tasks, forgets about daily activities, loses things. They usually show the symptom of obsessions and refusal.To create awareness about anorexia among teenagers leads to better understanding.


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