As for levels of education, the university education was the highest with a percentage of 85.11% while post graduate education scored 14.89%.

The first question of the research focused on the negative social influences because of development of videogames. The survey determined three hypotheses to examine. They were children’s time allotted for playing. The second is the unsociability during playing and the third is the prevalence of videogames in the kingdom.  The   results obtained showed that there’s a relation between the three factors. They aware high is the same deals. For example, for the prevalence of the video games the respondents provided 71% for the prevalence of video games with 66% for unsociability and 63% for playing for more 3 hours.

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For the second search questions, there were two important points to check as well. There was the relation between school academic work and video games. In addition, there was he using of mobile in schools for playing and the relation between

As for the third question which is represented in the
solution. There were tree important points. They were parents’ motivation to
find solutions, the procedures and the alternatives. For the motivation for
solutions, unsociability was the strongest motivation with nearly 50%. As for
the procedures, withdrawing all electronic appliances was the strongest with a
percentage of 44.68% while the main alternative was sport with a percentage of

Anabolic Steroids increase ones athletic ability. It enables people to work out longer, harder, and therefore grow more, and faster in all aspects of physical performance. While it does this very well, it also has major negative side affects, and is there fore band across all levels of athletic competition. It affects people negatively physically, and mentally.

            Mentally, Steroids can change people’s personality. It can cause depression, extreme fits of rage known as “Roid Rage” and thoughts of suicide. When taken off of the drug, individuals showed classic withdraw symptoms (insomnia, loss of appetite, reduced sex drive) this made the negative side affects even worse ( The negative mental side affects, including symptoms of depression, can last up to a year after use is discontinued.

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            Physically, steroids can make you stronger, faster, better etc., but health wise, its very bad for you. The negative side affects far outweigh the bad, they include: Hair loss, heart disease, infertility and stunted growth in teens. Some men and women are left permanently infertile, while some suffer from liver cancer, and heart attacks. ( There are programs out there that offer physical training to young athletes to show them that physical improvement can be made naturally.

            From this, it can be concluded that steroids are not worth it. They make you crazy, you could go from being a normal skinny guy, to having that sought after athletic prowess, but become empty and depressed due to the negative mental side affects of the drug. All that being said, while using steroids is illegal and harmful to ones health, that does not mean that people that use this drug don’t work hard. All it really does is enable them to work a lot harder then they could before, but at the expense of their health. 


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