26 equal economic system has existed for thousands of

26 years ago on December 25, 1991, the almighty state known as the Soviet Union collapsed into 15 countries. This brings up a huge question so many people are debating: should it have fallen? Communism, first used and coined by Karl Marx in his book The Communist Manifesto,  is a political belief that everyone should live in peace, happiness and equality. The idea of an equal economic system has existed for thousands of years. The ancient greeks envisioned a time called the Golden Age (500BC) where everyone “would live together in peace and harmony” and that everyone would keep and share everything (Link 7). Although not many people like communism, it brings up sense of equality and no one is seen as inferior. Capitalist views claim that communism isn’t fair for the hard-working people with better jobs to earn the same amount as people with worse jobs is the US suddenly turned communist. Communism isn’t fair if put on a country that wasn’t already communist, but better for a country that was already communist where everyone is already used to being equal to everyone, or the money being suited to everyone’s individual needs. On the flip side, in order to be wealthy in a capitalist country, it really helps to be born to a rich family. The ones born to a poor family struggle on getting decent jobs. In communism, there are no ‘poor families’. Communist countries like China and Cuba don’t have to pay individual taxes and no wage gap. Karl Marx “desired to end capitalism feeling that it was the social class system that led to the exploitation of workers” (Stanford.edu). In communism, there are way less homeless people on the streets begging for money. Depending on the government, they can revise communism in their own ways. It can be ratified to give all homeless people homes which can be a pull-factor for a country. The only homeless people are either drug addicts or people who can’t handle themselves. We have already seen the example of Socialist Housing in the U.S.S.R. Housing was provided at a regulated Rent. The Rent was fixed at one tenth of what ever your weekly wage was. Rent included, water, electricity, gas, and telephone connection. While every family had a home, the homes were pretty basic in their construction and there was the same disagreements over neighbours, services, choice of where to live etc. You also needed a Permit to move to some cities and live there. If you could not get a Permit, you had to live where you were Permitted to live. It is unlikely many Americans would be happy with that model.


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