2. of Lev Vygotsky and his role of social


2.       Have
no understanding why people were judging e based on my race, and where I am

1.       Development
of my race on how it made me understand the racial ethnic identity of

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C.      General
Deliberation observation on oneself

2.       Trust
issues, betrayal, loss of communication, and dishonest

B.      Deliberate
the negative impact that took place in my behavior and personality

1.       respect,
understanding, honest, and trust

A.      Deliberate
the positive impact that personally took place in my behavior and personality

the factors of strength and circumstances on Social Cultural that were conveyed
to me through observations

2.       Did
it improve my relationships with my social groups, peers, family member,
subgroups, neighbors and even friends?             

1.       Did
it change my behavior?

B.      Deliberate
on how Social Cultural theory impacted my personality and emotion

3.       Society

2.       Interacting
with groups

1.       Relationships

A.      Deliberate
on how Social cultural theory impacted on my Social development

topic: Deliberate the factors to Social theory on it played a role to my
personal development

2.       Deliberation
of Lev Vygotsky and his role of social interact in the development cognition

1.       Deliberation
of Lev Vygotsky and his influenced on Sociocultural Theory

B.      Subtopic:
Explanation and details regarding theorists in the development of Sociocultural

1.       In
a complete definition and description, describe the elements of social
environment as it relates to Sociocultural.

A.      Subtopic:
Completest meaning of Sociocultural theory

topic: Introduction on Sociocultural Theory


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