2.7.1 of iPay users in Bangladesh. Its main objective

2.7.1 Merchant


Systems have a talented pool of merchant team whose job is to acquire new
merchants from both online and physical stores and create an atmosphere to
enable the customer pay for their goods and services. The team members
communicate with the potential merchants where the targeted consumer of iPay
will visit and can make payment digitally just by scanning the merchant QR code
from the with the consumer’s smartphone. The goal of merchant department is to
create the maximum number of merchant base in Bangladesh where users of iPay
can make payment conveniently to drive towards cashless society.

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2.7.2 Marketing


Systems have a strong pool of marketing team whose job is to communicate
effectively with our target audience and acquire more number of iPay users in
Bangladesh. Its main objective is to motivate people to use the digital payment
platform so that no cash is intended to carryout and allow more safety and
authenticity of all the financial transaction with ease. Marketing team is also
responsible for-


Preparing strategic plan


Identify growth hacking techniques III. Integrate ATL
& BTL campaigns



Manage and monitor its effectiveness


VI.      Monitor creative content idea & design


VII.      Monitor signup and manage marketing team


team is in the job of creating a culture among the people to make payments
digitally for all the products or services required by the target audience and
reduce the use of paper money. This also maintains a proper authenticity of
legality of any transaction taking place and ensures our national security.



2.7.3 Brand


Systems have a solid and enthusiastic brand team whose job is to create a
unique distinctive awareness among the people about the brand and its function.
The brand team’s main objective is to create communication tools and strategy
that will be implemented to attract the target audience. The branding team is
in charge of developing-


Develop Brand guideline of iPay


Monitor iPay App UI/UX design


III.   Prepare strategy for maximum visibility both
online and offline



Supervise content production as per Brand Guideline



Overseeing all branding
materials of the company


all internal and external communication to maintain brand tone


Manage the Brand team and
determine its effectiveness








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The brand
team have the vision to create a distinct impression towards consumers mind and
make the consumer a habit of digital payment in their daily transaction needs.




The creative
department under the Brand team is critically responsible for developing
effective communication through social media. They perform certain acts which
are stated below:


Effectiveness of the digital communication campaign


Customer reaction and feedback about the digital communication campaign


Finding out the reasons that make communication
campaign fail to have more reach or engagement and brand experience.



Developing copy for communication on social media


Developing weekly post calendar for communication for social media


Designing the post creative for digital communication


Visualizing the idea of campaign and contest


Finalizing layout etc.


Google advertisement, Facebook advertisement design




2.7.4 Product


Team is responsible for developing the product strategy (what should be build
and for whom) but also on every minor detail (why is the splash screen around
for 0.25 seconds longer than necessary). They’re the catalysts of all that we
stand for – which is to build trust and to deliver the best experience for our
users. The product team must love technology, obsess the product and would
probably be diagnosed as a borderline obsessive compulsive disorder patient.
The team can merge objectivity in analysis and also create an emotional connect
to the user by speaking to them from your heart. The product team is
responsible for



Responsible for Product Innovations and Product Ideations in their
respective Domain.


Responsible for Product Lifecycle from Concept to
Deployment including flow charts, features, scripting, etc.









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Take end-to-end ownership of the product line,
identify market requirements, define the product vision, create preliminary
design concepts and drive the implementation of the overall product roadmap.


Improve Customer perception and product-wise market
share, good understanding of technical and market feasibility of the product.


2.7.5 Finance Department


finance department of iPay Systems Ltd. functions like finance department from
any other business organization. They do budgeting for the entire companies
operation any digital communication campaign and contest as well as for online
promotion and advertisement campaign.


2.7.6 Human Resource


department helps to find out the best people, who can perform towards the
future motive of the organization. The department aids in recruiting of new
employees are their concern, providing training and development, compensation,
employee benefit, leave and service rules program, placement and performance
appraisal of employees, preparing related reports and reporting to the Executive
Committee/ Board on related matters.



2.7.7 IT


of an information technology specialist can include network management,
software development and database administration. IT specialists may also
provide technical support to a business or an organization’s employees and
train non-technical workers on the business’s information systems.


a)       Manage
premises, ensuring that accommodation and facilities services are provided that
are fit for purpose, well maintained and deliver value for money.


b)       Plan,
organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of the Information
Technology Infrastructure division


c)       Responsible
for the delivery and security of a modern, flexible and extensible IT


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