I. Single people should be allowed to adopt because they want to help children, they can provide undivided attention to their child, and they have the right to be a parent.II. Some people might consider single people having the right to adopt children as a bad thing for various reasons.A. Single people would not be able to fulfill responsibilities of raising a childCounter argument: Single people would be able to focus more on their responsibilities since they have no partner.B. Children would want to have the mother or father figure that is missing.Counter argument: Single parents can satisfy the roles of the mother or the father if need be.C. Single parents would economically struggle to provide for all the needs of their child.Counter argument: People who ventured to decide that they would adopt and raise a child by themselves would know the economical struggles it would bring so they would have already been prepared to financially support their decision and make sacrifices for the child if the need arises.III. Without the requirement of having a partner, single people should be allowed to adopt because they want to help children.A. They may not want to be in a relationship1. May want to be independent2. May not want to debate over decisionsB. Desire to provide a better future for children1. Putting under a better roof, better bed to sleep on, healthier foods2. Sending them to school3. Showing them love and affection which they desperately need4. Giving them someone to look up toC. Single people can handle all the responsibilities by themselves1. Can act as both the father and the motherIV. Single parents can focus more on their relationship with their child as opposed to couples.A. No need to divide their attention for their partner1. Undivided attention to the childB. Can spare more time for their children than couples1. Couples have to spend time with each other as well2. Closer bond with each otherV. Single people should be able to adopt because they have the right to be a parent.A. It is human nature to want to have a family1. A family does not necessarily mean combination of a mother, a father and a child2. It is a natural desire to want to have children but not necessarily to reproduceB. Not being in a relationship does not prevent them from having the desire to raise a child1. The desire does not arise when someone is in a relationshipC. Not having a partner does not hinder their ability to care for a child1. Can tend to all the needs of their child without helpVI. Conclusion


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