[1]’60% the fact that the rate of unemployment of

1’60% of
the UK’s leaders have degrees humanities, arts and social sciences,’
so why is the usefulness of studying the Arts and Humanities constantly
disputed? Humanities and art faculties across the global increasingly are on
the short end of fiscal cuts, while STEM subjects are being encouraged by both
governments and parents. This is due to the belief that STEM subjects are more
employable subjects and lead to more financial stable lives. Does that mean
that studying the Arts and Humanities in today’s society is worthless?
Absolutely not. Studying the Arts and Humanities is still extremely useful for
a variety of reasons.


The study of the Arts and Humanities teaches students the
skills needed for self-reflection and critical thinking, the value of such
skills cannot be understated. These skills are vital to becoming an independent
learner who can continue to grow once their University education has concluded.

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An independent learner is more likely to be an independent thinker thus making
Arts and Humanities students prone to embrace their creative side. The ability
to think critically is also worthwhile, helping maintain a sober mind when
decision making, weighing up the pros and cons of each side of the argument.


The attributes acquired from these skills are highly
valuable to employers. 2″Many of
the skills that are gained on a humanities degree are highly sought after in
almost every job.” This argument is supported by the fact that the rate of
unemployment of graduates with a Humanities and Arts degree is regularly below
the national average, In the USA in 2013, 3’5.4%
of the humanities majors who were terminal bachelor’s degree holders were unemployed’ which
was below the national average of 7 percent. This is clear evidence debunking
the myth that studying the Arts and Humanities doesn’t make you employable but
rather makes you a versatile individual who is wanted by employers.


The skills learned from a Humanities and arts degrees not only make graduates
attractive to employers, they also help graduates succeed further in their
chosen career path or adopt a second career later in life. It is true that
immediately University STEM students are more likely to

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