15In SORTING ROBOTIC ARM using RaspBerry Pi. IR sensor

15In 2015, Mr. P. P. Chavan 11 and his fellow researchers developed INTELLIGENT OBJECT SORTING INSOLENT SYSTEM (IOIS), sort objects on the basis of color and size with the help of overhead camera that works as a camera. Color recognition is processed for controller and set of commands mapped already on controller, controls the robotic arm which picks up the object and place it at desired location.In 2012 12, Mr. Roland szabo and his fellow designed a system which sorted objects based on colours using robotic arm at the end. They used bolbo filter for colour reorganization of the objects and a web cam for color recognition, and Lynxmotion AL5A robotic arm was used which had servo control board with it. Advantage of servo control board is that it can control motors attached to the robotic arm. SCPI commands were used to control the robotic arm and give instruction to perform the desire task, that is pick up the cube and place it at desired location.In 2014 13, Viren Pereira and his fellow researchers came up with an idea and designed LOW COST OBJECT SORTING ROBOTIC ARM using RaspBerry Pi. IR sensor was used to detect the object and camera was used for the color and shape of the object using Octave. Raspberry Pi further sends the information to Arduino using Python script. Camera module was connected to Raspberry Pi and for the interface of servomotor to Robotic arm via servo controller, Arduino was used.Mr. D. S. V. Siva Vardhan and Mr. Y. Shivraj Narayan in 2015 14, developed a system with title “Development of an Automatic Monitoring and Control System for the Objects on the Conveyor Belt” using PLC. In this system proximity sensors were used to detect the bottles and trays, one sensor at the bottle filling station for the bottles and 2 sensors were used for the trays respectively. Another optical sensor was used to turn on the buzzer in case if objects were physically touched in working of the system. Sensors were in feedback with PLC. Whenever the bottles reach at the bottle filling station, proximity sensor detects the bottles and belt stops for some time until the bottles are filled, Same working criteria was implemented for trays instead two proximity sensors were used for the solid filling station.


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