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et us 1st know about cloud computing ? the Cloud Computing is a revolution in how computing the power is delivered to the business ,it is been made workable by very large scale  datacenter connected to high speed low cost broad band networks .todays users required 24 hours a week security access to the business  applications in more devices the where ever they are .demands on IT and sky rocketing its no wonder traditional onsite computer facilities straggling to keep up.

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In cloud computing u only pay what u use .It is used for Support ,Expertise and paid for as a Service.In the late 1890’s In a factory or business had enough space man of a smoke pouching fuel consuming power generator.stocked by men these men kept runny the generator ,when things worked they worked nicely but they didn’t the generators got down.

For example CHICAGO 1900 the Edison Power company developed the turbine power station which could generate and distribute Large scale power to business this provided cheeper and clean a power then any factory of any business based generator without any headaches By 1920 most of the businesses made to switch ,As we speak a similar Revolution is happing in IT called Cloud computing Now a days Business no longer to buy, build and manage costly computer facilities on site, cloud computing as proven to be more secure ,more more reliable ,more Scalable and mostly Traditional on IT this is why most of the companies deploy the most applications in the cloud .
cloud computing enables businesses to increase capabilities or capacity without investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software, or training personnel the forms of cloud computing 

Software as a Service (SAAS): 
this delivers single application through a web browser to subscribers via a multi tenant architecture 

Platform as a service (PAAS):
This Provides subscribers with a development environment

Managed Service Providers (MSP):
This Provides Subscribers with specialized services 

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS):
This Provides Storage and Virtual Services and networking services to subscribers  


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