Furthermore, in the following months Ataturk
had toured the country explaining the new letters and encouraging everyone to
learn them quickly and teach to their compatriots. Theses language reforms
stands as one of the most far-reaching in history and affected the “The cornerstone of education is an easy system
of reading and writing. The hey to this is the new Turkish alphabet based on
the Latin script”. in 9th of
August 1928 the Turkish script was officially announced to replace the Ottoman
alphabet (which was a mix of Arabic and Persian alphabet) with Latin alphabet.
With this announcement, the Turkish language had fully and functionally adopted
29 letters with 8 vowels and 21 constants. These linguistic reforms enabled
children and adults to read and write within a few months, and to study western
languages with greater effectiveness, as Ataturk has stated             c.
The language reforms:

     b. Women Rights: Ataturk as a believer in women rights had
launched many reforms to give Turkish women under the new civil code equal
rights and opportunities. Examples of these reforms were the recognition of
equal rights of women to divorce, custody, and inheritance, as well as, full equal
rights in politics and education as he stated “In Turkish society, women have not lagged behind men
in science, scholarship, and culture. Perhaps they have even gone further
ahead”. These reforms and more is
considered very prominent because it helped to produce thousands of women who
considered to be well educated and had participated in the national life and
make their contribution in building a modern state. These reforms are a result
of the secularization of the state.

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Economic Development: economy is one of the vital pillar in the
process of constructing a modern state. Ataturk in his speech in the “First
Turkish Economic Congress” in Izmir, has emphasized the importance of economic
independent, and he stated “……….to achieve independence we must observe the
following rule: National sovereignty should be supported by financial
independent. The only power that will propel us to this goal is the economy” and from this point the Turkish economy has
experienced a dramatic expansion in agriculture, industrial developing, and
technological advancement. Beside that the country has seen a huge change in
the scoter of public services, and the gross national product increased


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