10 when your financial health is less than satisfying.

10 Reasons Renting Is Amazing


is a myth that buying is definitely better than renting. And your parents,
uncles and aunties always tell you that you should buy a house at an early age,
otherwise you will regret in the future for not having your own roof over your
head. Should you listen to them? While there is no simple answer to that, we’re
here to tell you that these myths or beliefs aren’t always true.

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be honest, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns as homeowners. Buying and selling
a property can be a long and tedious process than you have expected, especially
with more people involved in its ownership. Getting a loan for home purchase is
even harder when your financial health is less than satisfying. Therefore,
renting can be a more feasible choice before getting yourself ready to become a


are the 10 good reasons to rent, which PropSocial has clustered for you to save
you time from googling. You’re welcome.


1.    No Maintenance Costs

Leaked pipe? Congested toilet? Guess
what—as a renter, you don’t have to pay for any maintenance or repair work
carried out during the tenancy.

If you’re the homeowner, on the
other hand, be ready to fork out cash for that weighty bill of your


Well, even though this is not part
of tenant’s responsibility, be respectful of the property and don’t cause
additional maintenance beyond the expected wear and tear. For that your
landlord will like you even more and your maintenance issues will be
immediately fixed.


2.    Total Freedom

“My wife is going to have a baby
next month, but we only have one room in our apartment with our current two
kids”, “I’ve got a new job that I like with a much higher salary, but it is
3-hour drive from my current location”—So, what now? If you own your property,
you must be having a serious headache to either sell your home or give up the
great job opportunity.


Now the good news is as a renter,
you can almost decide in the spur of the moment. A renter as you are, upsizing
is easy when your family grows, as all you need to do is to hunt for the next
ideal location and move all your stuffs from your current place to the next new
city. No mortgage, no commitment. Besides, downsizing is almost effortless when
you are tight on budget, here are the top 10 rental
homes in Klang Valley
you can rent under RM1,500. Ah…freedom. That’s what we are talking about.


3.    No Huge Downpayment

Buying a new home can take a big
chunk of your savings. This could be potentially detrimental to your financial
health, especially if you have an irregular income, for instances small business
start-ups and freelancers. Renting can be a god-sent when you are in this kind
of the financial situations, while you can also establish an emergency fund for
a rainy day.


Plus, make those homeowners envy you
for your absolute flexibility with spare cash on hand to fulfill your
wanderlust, and pursue creative projects. If you’ve been a renter all your
life, we know that you may already have a generous amount of savings stacked
away for your preferred investments. Shh…our lips are sealed.


4.    No Monthly Commitment

Freedom is one thing, and more
flexibility with no monthly mortgage commitment is another. You are prepared to
be locked into something permanent, or long-term as a homeowner. This means you
have to constantly thinking about how to pay off that fixed mortgage every
month without a break.


As a renter, it’s your call. If the
monthly rental is too much for you based on your current financial
circumstance, move on the fly. You can always rent another one within your
budget, on your own terms. Less debt, more savings.


5.    Free Access to Amenities

Luxuries don’t have to be expensive.
Luxuries don’t require you to travel far. And luxuries can even be reached on
the 5th floor of your condominium building.


Your life is made incredibly easier
and more convenient with full access to amenities and services at no costs,
such as gyms, swimming pools, building security, and on-site emergency repair,
just to name a few, as a renter of an apartment or a condominium. Put away
those monthly gym membership fee and pool upkeep fee for other investments or a
good cause that is close to your heart.


6.    No Big-Item Shopping Required

Consider this another bonus of
renting a smaller space. You don’t need a lot of furniture and home appliances.
If your property owner is kind enough, your space is furnished with all the
basic pieces you need. One of the things everyone hates about moving is
relocating these heavy guys, while they are still too young to be left at the


Likewise, owning less furniture and
home appliances means it is much easier for you to move around when you want
to. Bada bing, bada boom, you are all set in your new home.


7.    More Friends

If you are not renting the whole
house, apartment, or condominium, chances are you are going to have roommates,
or some say housemates, living under one roof. Good things coming out from
having roommates are countless, and the most significant one is the possibility
to share most of the costs and cut down your monthly spending to the very


This is an excellent way for you to
meet new people and explore more in a new city that you’ve just moved into. Weekend
nights are also less lonely with wine nights, and movie nights. Even potlucks
sound a lot of fun—it’s like going back to college again.


8.    Living in Your Dream Location

Most premium condominiums and
properties are in prime locations such as cities and major iconic hotspots. And
chances are, your workplace is in one of these locations as well. If owning a
property in these dream locations is not feasible for you due to its astronomical
nature, why not rent it?


You can lead a satisfying life with
less commute and a lifestyle you want, at a cheaper price in big cities. Big
cities are convenient due to its short distance to grocery, shopping centre,
transportation hubs such as bus station and MRT station. Here are some properties
near MRT SBK Stations
that you can consider!


9.    Lower Utility Expenses

This is another cash saver for being
a renter. You always choose a property size and floor design that you need and
not necessarily that you want, if you are renting. Apartments and condominiums
usually have less square footage than houses as well.


Therefore with a smaller space
comparing to owning a house, you can bring down the utility expenses greatly, such
as electricity bill, and water bill. And seriously, what’s the point of having
a Karaoke room if you don’t even sing?


10.  Mowing
the Lawn? No Worries.

You don’t want to come home after a
long day of work and still have to mow your lawn because the weeds are now
taller than your toddlers. With rented condominiums or apartments, yard work
has already been taken care of by the property management. Cleanliness and
tidiness are paramount for any condominium or apartment property.


More than often, property management
also creates a greener environment with lots of plants seen everywhere at your
rented place. Enjoy more free time by kicking up your feet, and watching a
movie in your own territory or walk around the property to immerse yourself in
a surrounding that the management offers.



The bottom line? It is always a very personal
choice whether to rent or to own your home. You should take now and future into
consideration prior to making this important move. If you’re intrigued by the
idea of renting, search our properties
for rent to find a rental home of your dream, or join our community discussions for
more renting information.





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