1.What (KMT) and the Communist party of China (CPC).

1.What is the conflict and who are the parties involved?          The China/Taiwan conflict dates back to 1927 the beginning of the Chinese civil war. The Chinese civil war consisted of two parties the Republic of China led by the Kuomintang government (KMT) and the Communist party of China (CPC). After the war was fought the conflict ended in 1949 where The Republic of China fled to a small Island off the coast of southeast China this Island is now Taiwan. Now China claims that Taiwan is their own territory but Taiwan defines itself as its own independent state. Taiwan is attempting to gain approval from the United Nations (UN) but cannot become a sovereign state without the approval from the five members of the United Nations Security Council. But China is one of the permanent five members of the council thus Taiwan is repeatedly vetoed by the council. Now Taiwan is fighting for independence against China to become a sovereign state.2. Is this a territorial, religious, racial, or ethnic conflict?Combination? Explain.         The conflict between China and Taiwan is a territorial dispute, a territorial dispute is a disagreement over the control of an area of land between two or more states. In this case, the dispute is over the land of Taiwan. China believes Taiwan is its own land and they have control and power over it. Taiwan believes that they are a separate sovereign state from China and the land belongs to themselves. The united states recognized Taiwan as its own government, however recently in 1971 Richard Nixon visited China and a few years later The United States began recognizing Mainland China as the official government of Taiwan. This has recently changed many other countries views of the official government making it harder for Taiwan to become independent.3.Where is the conflict occurring? How does the location affect the conflict?        Taiwan is located in East Asia it is placed between Japan and the Philippines. Since Taiwan is within close proximities to China it is easily accessible for China to deem Taiwan their own land and harder for Taiwan to break free. Even though China is such a high power in the political world other countries are allies of Taiwan and can assist them. The United States has had commercial ties with Taiwan since 1979 to help gain Taiwan’s economy. Not only has the U.S improved the economy  and Taiwan has access to U.S goods and services. But helping Taiwan does pose a risk to damage a country’s relationship with China. China is opposes Taiwan separating and by other countries assisting Taiwan it can weaken a country’s relationship with Mainland China.4.What was the cause of the conflict?        Taiwan was not populated until the 17th century were Han Chinese merchants arrived. The majority of the Island is Han Chinese. Taiwan’s history included a large amount of invasion and refugees. Taiwan was originally part of the Qing Dynasty(Communist China) during the late 1600s then was under Japan’s control in 1895. Then the first Sino-Japanese war began between the Qing empire and Japan’s empire. The war began in February 1894, and then Japan won and the Qing empire was defeated. This ended the war in April 17 1895. The war was ended with the 1985 Treaty of Shimonoseki. Then China (Quing Dynasty) reclaimed china in 1927 with the Chinese civil war. Then the ROC fled to Taiwan and ever since Taiwan has attempted to gain independence.5.How long has the disagreement occurred?      The Taiwan/China conflict has dated back all the way to the late 1600s. Merchants and settlers began showing in the early 1700s . Later Taiwan was under China’s rule until the late 1800s when Japan claimed it by winning the Sino-Japanese war. Then China claimed the island back in 1949. The conflict is still occurring today even though Taiwan is officially known as The Republic Of China. 6. How has the dispute been carried out? The China/Taiwan conflict started off with war and violence but has slowly transitioned to passive advancements. For example in 2008 Mainland China gifted two Pandas to Taiwan for an exchange program.


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