1. we have to make frequent changes such as


1.  CREATIVE: we know that in
today’s competitive world, we face a lot of competition from other companies in
different forms. My creativity can lead to different innovations such as
changing product’s shape so that it becomes more attractive which can lead to
boosting up of sales of our product in market. In this way, creative employee
can help the company to survive in the market.


2.    Good
Communication Skills:
Communications skills is one of the most important quality that an employee
should have in himself. It helps a lot as without good communication there will
not be any proper understanding between different levels of company. This can
lead to different problems such as not getting work done on time, work
performed in a wrong manner which will ultimately lead to fall in profits as
well as goodwill of the company. Thus, in this way good communication skills
helps the company in lot many ways.

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3.  COOPERATIVE: We know that a
company cannot be operated by one single person. So, in order to achieve
success, cooperative nature of all the employees is must. Being a cooperative
person, it is very easy for me to work with new people. This will lead to early
understanding amongst each other. It will have a positive effect on the work
environment of the company.


NATURE: Today’s world is full of competition. In order to
survive, we have to make frequent changes such as change in the work structure,
change in technology and much more. It is quite difficult for all the people to
adapt to these frequent changes in the company. However, being a versatile
person, I can easily adapt to all these changes that are must for the success
of the company.


is old and well said “Hard work is the key to success”. Being a hardworking
employee, I can help the company to achieve the targets on time which will
ultimately lead to increase in profits. Moreover, I am time 


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