1. transit way to be encroached upon through indiscriminate

1.     The decision to evacuate the inhabitant whose farming activities
had help to control large part of the territory infested with tsetse-fly and
simulium fly, the carrier of river blindness was revised, while compensation
and resettlement was given to those occupying the site chosen for building the
city and the footprints of that development. This has resulted in the
conversion of most of these villages to slums as they accommodate the lower
cadre civil servants and other low-income workers.

2.     The implementation strategy for the low-income workers is to
house them in the “Accelerated District” within the Phase 1 Area according to
the Master plan concept to prevent shanty towns of construction workers in the
periphery of the capital city. The civilian government took the mistaken decision
to rush the movement to Abuja by which led to helter-skelter building
activities within the city area. Also denied the planners the opportunity to
test out the various plan concepts. As such areas such as

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Nyanya, Lugbe rose up to cater
for the population influx.

3.     The presidential palace which was designed to be in the middle
of the central area of the city from the Master plan was preferred to be away
and closer to Aso Rock which is the seat of the government.  This makes the beauty and grandeur of such a
building no longer part of the prominent and salient feature of Abuja.

4.     Building plot in the Federal capital were allocated based on federal
character but this procedure took a new turn as geo-political biases became
prominent in staffing of the FCDA, leading to distortions in the allocation and
distribution of allottees.

5.     The delay in the introduction of rapid transit system and construction
of transit way has allowed the right of way reserved for the transit way to be
encroached upon through indiscriminate plot allocation in several places. This
will create a lot of problem in the near future for creation of rail system within
the city.


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