1) that mean? If you break it into simple

1)   sleep   on your bed

 Your bed can also be good!   My
dog, Gringo slept on my bed every night since he returned with us as an
8-week-old boy.   My other dog, is   Tico   ,
prefer to sleep in his beautiful   orthopedic   bed,
which can help her arthritis.   Check where and what   want
to   dogs   to sleep, and then   please   soft   blankieug
unlan.   The nose under the tail,

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This is a   well known   the fact that dogs
have not only one     better feeling of smell than people   , but there are
feelings that people do not or do not touch.   For example dogs find out fear.   It is believed that
they can smell the phyomom.   Some dogs can speak for a few minutes
before a person is about to break even before the person knows.   Dogs can tell what
a person feels about.   It does not hide.   One can hide their feelings from someone else, but not from a dog.   Know   just in   dogs   .   It is said that
dogs can feel the strength, but what does that mean?   If you break it
into simple science, the kinetic energy that a dog finds can be a frequency.   The light, the
voice and the heat are all frequencies.   It is very possible that our bodies
will be separated from one type of frequency found in a dog.   Is your dog like
something you know?

Dogs naturally
follow the rules to follow, and limit what they are supposed to do.   When dogs live with
humans, people become packets of dogs.   In order to achieve success,     People need to be dog leaders  .   The mistake was
made when people in the package just gave dog love, and could not find other
dog needs.   To a dog, constant feeling without rules and boundaries goes against
every grain of its nature.  While the dogs are so fond of having
fun, it does not satisfy the animal and it does not make them balance, strong
in mind, sure and happy.   Dogs love to feel, yet alone does not make a dog happy, satisfying his
features.   You need to give the right emotional strength to achieve it, and the
display of a fair package with rules to follow is the dog’s need.   Giving your dog a
love is important for a man, and enjoying the dog, but needs to be done right
at the right time.

A dog is a beast and does not have the same ability of reason as a
person.   Dogs have emotions, but their feelings differ from people.   They are simple
creatures with instincts, and their emotions lack the complex thinking process.   They enjoy great
joy when they know you are happy, they are sad when someone dies.   However , they do not plan
or plan ahead, and do not live in the past or in the future.   They live for
anything that happens at the moment.

If you show the weakness of
your dog, the dog generally takes on the role of the leader if he or she does
not, because it should have one     strong leader     and a dog pack order.   If the dog does not feel it   he has enough energy to
handle the role of the leader it can be very annoying, and even terrible,
because the dog has such a heavy weight on his shoulders, as it strives to care
for all the people around it.   People often give dog
different leadership signals, passing the dog’s balance, distracting his
psyche, and causing many of the   problem   in mind 


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