1. team. The members of the management team have

1.  Define you Position in the Organisation.


Ø An Organisation chart/ The Structure of your Department/ The Reporting Structure

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Organisation chart:

The members of the shop floor teams ‘Dispatch’ and the two ‘Production’ teams report to their team leaders. Then the team leaders give reports to the ‘Operations manager’ who later on reports to the ‘Managing Director’.


The people under the job titles ‘Accounts’ and ‘Steel Sales’ together with the ‘Marketing Executive’, ‘Senior Customer Service Executive’ and the ‘Customer Service Executive’ report to the ‘Sales Manager’. Then the ‘Sales Manager reports to the ‘Managing Director’.


The people under the job titles ‘Technical Sales Engineer’, ‘Production Engineer’ together with the people under the job title ‘Maintenance Technician’ report to the ‘Technical Manager’ who reports to the ‘Managing Director’.





Ø The title of those with whom you work


My role in the business is Software Developer. My job involves working closely with the Managing Director of Fernite of Sheffield Limited and the management team. The members of the management team have the following titles:


–        Managing Director, who has overall responsibility for the running of the business and its strategy.

–        Group Sales Manager who is responsible for the sales team, developing relationships with customers and exploring new markets in the UK and overseas in order to expand the company’s reach.

–        Group Operations Manager responsible for the running of the factory and managing Fernite’s operations.

–        Group Technical Manager responsible for optimising Fernite’s processes, cutting production lead times and taking care for the best use of the technology on the shop floor.


My job often involves working with the Senior Customer Service Executive, Steel Sales Engineer, Warehouse Team Leader and Production Team Leader.



Ø The tasks you have to carry out/ How they relate to the overall objectives of the organisation.


As part of the Fernite team, my job involves designing and developing software helping Fernite to automate some of its processes. So far I have created two software applications.


One of those two applications is involved in Fernite’s sales department, and it is used by the sales team.


Its purpose is to increase the sales of Laser Cut parts by speeding up the sales process of those type of jobs. Enabling the sales executives to come up with a price for the customer regarding his query a lot faster than before. By filling just a small amount of detail using the software, the sales executive will have the chance to form an enquiry just with a couple of buttons because the software itself has the logic needed for the creation of such enquiry build in it. This means that once the required information is provided with the software will generate the enquiry automatically instead of the sales executive doing it manually.


The software is created with VisualBasic.NET programming language and is a WindowsForm application with a user-friendly design and easy to navigate between the different windows or so-called forms. The windows application provides you with two options either to use a specific type of text file sent by the customer or manually fill couple boxes with information provided by the customer over the phone in case he does not have the needed file. In order to achieve that the software does a lot of interacting with the databases of the company. That means that there is a lot of queries such as ‘Insert’, ‘Update’ and ‘Select’ queries. Such queries are used to either store, update or export data.


The other piece of software is related to the managing the priority jobs on the shop floor.


I was set the task of developing a piece of software that would display a list of urgent tasks for each operation in the factory, to improve the flow of work through the factory and ensure orders are completed on time.


 It is a table containing information about the open and active jobs on the shop floor. The application is exporting accurate data from the live database using SQL queries and it is displaying the jobs for each work centre location on the shop floor sorted by the date they are due to be out. Not only this but also it is prioritizing the jobs so that the team at each location knows which operation to start first. This means that if a job has a higher priority set to it, the row of the table containing information about that job will change its colour. This will point that it is urgent for this job to be finished and I should be started as soon as possible. Since the application is WindowsForm based application created with VisualBasic.Net. The extracted data is displayed in customized DataGridView available from the Toolbox located in the designer tab.


This is going to help Fernite manage its orders better without any delays, which means that number of late jobs is going to decrease drastically leading to the company keeping to its deadlines and reducing lead times for customers.







Ø Your responsibilities


My responsibilities involve updating and providing support for the existing software of the company which means that every time a software fails either with the exporting data from the database or something else it is my responsibilities to clear the error and make sure it does not appear again. Another responsibility I have to carry out is taking care of the databases so that they are not interrupted by fault data and also designing new databases.


Also, another responsibility of mine on a daily basis is providing IT support for the computer technology around the factory. This means that if there is a problem with one of the printers in the office or with the computers it is my responsibility to take care of the issue. I have assisted with the installation of new PCs and configuring them when new members of staff have joined the company.


Common enquiries I deal with include network connection problems, hardware troubleshooting and maintenance, assisting colleagues with software enquiries, cable management and assistance with the accessing information from the company databases. 


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