1) player is completely unselfish, willing to fulfill any

1) The Captain- This person’s job is to be a helper to the teacher. They need to pay attention to the skills, strategies, and activities taught so they can set up their team to play and answer any questions their teammates might have. ResponsibilitiesKnow and understand all points of the skill (Will be asked by teacher) Answer any questions teammates have Ensure that your teammates are all getting a fair opportunity to play2) Tough Leader- Motivates teammates by being hard on them. If anyone is not on task or not trying they let them they know. ResponsibilitiesMake sure teammates are on task and participatingDiscourage teammates from standing around and not contributing.Make sure teammates are communicating Make sure teammates are fulfilling their leadership roles3) Positive Leader- This player is always positive and always believes their team will win. Their job is to motivate and inspire teammates. They need to lead by example, and play the game for one purpose, to play. Have fun and get your teammates involved!ResponsibilitiesAlways participate to the best of your abilitiesCheer your teammates on as much as possible, be vocal!Don’t let results get your teammates down. 4) The Rookie- Player is in his first year in the league and is much newer than everyone else and usually a lot younger. They have to pick up after the other players by carrying bags, getting pennies, and making sure everyone has water. Not the best job but every player in their career is at one point a rookie, even Michael Jordan.ResponsibilitiesCarry out and put away all equipmentSetup playing field by carrying nets or conesGet teammates pinnies or other equipment when needed5) The Trainer- This person’s job is to make sure everyone on the team is warmed up and stretched. This person will lead warm-up games and class stretches. ResponsibilitiesLead warm-up games or class exercisesLead class stretches before and after exerciseHelp to make sure students are doing exercises and stretches correctly 6) The Team Player- The team player puts their team’s goals above their own desires.  This player is completely unselfish, willing to fulfill any role or responsibility in order to help their team and teammates succeed.  The team player always passes and gets their teammates involved in the game and they are willing to take on tasks that their teammates may be avoiding (ie. playing positions that others don’t want). ResponsibilitiesPass the “ball” to teammates.  Help your teammates get involved and stay involved by including them in the game.Sacrifices personal glory for greater good of the team /Take on responsibilities that the rest of the team may be avoidingFill the position of any team member who may be absent (if the trainer is missing, the team player runs the warm-up.


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